Emons Cargo

Emons Cargo is specialised in the transport of non-stackable goods with a pallet / unit height upto 1.80 mtrs. Two 2WIN trailers can replace three conventional trailers.

With our 2WIN fleet we can offer a high quality One-Way service throughout Europe.

About us

Watch our animated video

Our 2WIN concept is easily explained in this animation.
You'll see that the source of the actual efficiency increase can be found on the lower deck.
Due to a very low ground clearance and independent wheel suspension
it is possible to load cargo between the wheels.


2WIN concept

“We deliver cost reduction, carbon emission saving and excellent customer service.”

Daan Emons, Emons Group

You can reduce CO2!


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Bedrijfswagenmonteur (1FTE)

Bedrijfswagenmonteur (1FTE)

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