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Two 2WIN trailers of Emons Cargo can replace three conventional trailers.

The 2WIN Double Deck Transport specialist

Emons Cargo is a transport company with a unique kind of transport equipment capable to handle non stackable goods. This transport is done by means of the so called 2WIN double deck trailer.

Emons Cargo is specialized in the transport of non-stackable goods with a pallet / unit height up to 1.80 meters. Two 2WIN trailers can replace and carry more pallets than three conventional trailers. This principle is not only valid economically, but also 'ecologically'. The source of the actual efficiency increase can be found on the lower deck. Due to a very low ground clearance and independent wheel suspension it is possible to load cargo between the wheels.

By using 2WIN instead of normal transport equipment, you will be able to load 63% more cargo and reduce the number of transport movement by 33%. With our 2WIN double deck trailers, Emons Cargo is the market leader in offering double deck transport solution across Europe. A highly skilled team of employees is focused to deliver a cost effective, safe, secure, reliable and environmentally friendly transport service.

Facts & Figures

2WIN efficiency increase

This design offers an efficiency increase by providing a total of 21,5 loading meters within a vehicle length of 13,6 meters. Emons Cargo delivers cost reduction, carbon emission savings and excellent customer service.

All trucks have on-board computers for data capture and registration, written communication between the driver and our homebase, as well as GPS positioning and tracking. We are convinced that to be successful in today's logistics market you just have to be 'low cost'. This is a law of nature, like the law of gravity.

Many industries benefit from 2WIN. These are in Cosmetics, Paper&Packaging, Food, Electronics, FMCG, E-commerce, Pharmaceutical-Medical and 3PL-4PL.

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2WIN concept

2WIN Focus

  • 100% 2WIN specialised


  • Single trips
  • European coverage
  • Increase network density in CEE

Scale / Capacity

  • Fleet of 160 2WIN-units - Continuous fleet expansion
  • Expansion of scope with refrigerated units

2WIN Quality and Sustainability

  • Secure Transport - TAPA TSR Level2
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • SQAS assessment (Score above average)
  • Accreditation by UK Border Agency (Measures preventing illegal immigrants on board of 2WIN-trucks)
  • Status ‘Green’ given by ‘Inspectie Verkeer & Waterstaat’ (Audit of Pilot program ‘System surveillance’)
  • Marco Polo – EC Program to make Transport greener (Category Traffic Avoidance)
  • Green Freight Europe: Member of the program; (improving environmental performance of road freight transport in Europe - www.greenfreighteurope.eu)
  • Eco Performance Award (finalist for 2011 Award - http://www.logistik.unisg.ch)
  • Graydon Award 2012 – Status Financial Healthy
  • Lean and Green Award Winner 2010
  • Emons Group developed their own Trainee programme for Drivers. You will soon be able to find more information about the Emons Drivers Academy on this website.

Emons Cargo is a Member of the Emons Group

We are Emons

The Emons Group is a solid, privately owned group of companies, that has existed for over 70 years. The Emons Group is a niche player in the European Transport Market, focussing on innovative and sustainable transport solutions combined with reducing overall costs. The main brandnames in de market are:

  • Van Huët Glass Logistics for the transport of unpackaged large format glass
  • 2WIN / Emons Cargo for double deck cargo solutions
  • Hofmans for spent mushroom solutions
  • Meierling GmbH Anhänger- und Fahrzeugbau specialized in Alumium Ultra Light Weight Trailers

From the early days on the Emons Group has had a clear strategy from which the company developed its present specific niche products. It’s the Emons Group prime focus to develop innovative logistics and transport concepts with one goal: being a market leader within the Benelux and amongst the European market leaders.

100% focus on our goal

The Emons Group stands for a highly decentralized business model, in which each of the divisions are market leaders in their own specialism. We chose this business model to maximise the focus on the product-philosophy and the market. Within the Emons Group each division operates as an entrepreneur, with autonomous management. This results in a 100% focus on their goal: further development of very specific innovative products with the full support of all employees who are constantly challenged and intensively coached.

For more information check the website of the Emons Group.

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