2WIN double deck truck of Emons is the 20 millionth truck at Eurotunnel

March 26, 2014

2WIN double deck truck of Emons is the 20 millionth truck at Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel, the world leading rolling motorway, celebrated the passage of its 20 millionth truck since services began on 25 July 1994, on 25 March 2014, on board a Freight Shuttle travelling from Coquelles (France) to Folkestone.

In 2013, the 15 Eurotunnel Freight Shuttles which operate 24/7, 365 days a year, carried almost 1.5 million trucks. This significant traffic volume (on average more than a million trucks per year since 1994) is testament to the competitive advantages of the Freight Shuttles which provide a high frequency of departures, a reliable system and the fastest way to cross the Channel (35 minutes). The Freight Shuttle service is used by more than 3,000 customers from every corner of Europe who appreciate the 65,000 departures each year – up to 6 departures per hour.

The 20 millionth truck itself belongs to Emons Cargo BV – part of the Dutch Emons Group, operators of the 160 ultra modern 2WIN double deck trucks and which shares its common values of innovation and respect for the environment with Groupe Eurotunnel. Emons, like Groupe Eurotunnel works continuously to reduce its carbon emissions. The choice of Eurotunnel, the most environmentally friendly cross-Channel operator, and its own innovative fleet, enables Emons to reduce its CO² emissions by more than 40% compared to a fleet of standard HGVs.

Eric Driessen, Commercial Director of Emons Cargo BV, stated: “We have used the Channel Tunnel since its opening 20 years ago. We are frequent users and we are delighted and proud to have the 20 millionth truck to cross the Channel on board a Eurotunnel Shuttle. Eurotunnel enables us to meet the high service and sustainability standards demanded by our customers”

Jo Willacy, Eurotunnel Commercial Director, stated: “We are especially pleased that the 20 millionth truck to cross the Channel through the Tunnel is part of one of our earliest customer’s fleets. It is recognition of the professionalism of our employees and the quality of the service we provide.

About Emons Cargo BV and the 2WIN concept

Emons Cargo B.V. is part of the Dutch Emons Group and is specialized in the transport of non-stackable goods with a pallet / unit height up to 1.80 meters. Two 2WIN trailers carry as much loading units (pallets, roller cages, etc.) as three conventional trailers.

With a growing 2WIN fleet of 160 2WIN trailers, Emons Cargo offers a high quality One-Way service throughout Europe. The service is managed centrally from the office in Milsbeek – The Netherlands. Visit www.2WIN.eu to learn more about Emons Cargo B.V and the 2WIN solution.
As two 2WIN trailers carry more pallets than three standard trailers, we are confident in saying: "buy 2, and get 1 for free". This principle is not only valid economically, but also 'ecologically'.

The source of the actual efficiency increase can be found on the lower deck of the 2WIN Trailers. Due to a very low ground clearance and independent wheel suspension it is possible to load cargo between the wheels. This design offers an efficiency increase by providing a total of 21,5 loading meter within a vehicle length of 13,6 meter. The key benefits of the the 2WIN double deck trailer are:

  • 63% More Loading Capacity
  • 39% Less Transport Movements
  • > 40% Less CO2 Emission
  • Low Cost - High Service

More information about the Emons Group can be found on www.emons.eu.

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