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Afbeelding voor Emons Cargo 2WIN
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Afbeelding voor Emons Cargo 2WIN
Emons Cargo 2WIN | Double deck transport trusted by several European companies
double deck transport

Transport service with a double deck solution


  • Full truckloads (FTL) shipments
  • Non-stackable goods on Pallets / Roll cages / Dollies
  • A unit height between 130 – 180 cm (51”- 71”)


  • A cost-efficient and sustainable double deck freight solution
  • More efficient transport by up to 64%

Why the Emons Cargo 2WIN double deck trailer concept?

Your business deserves a game-changing and sustainable freight solution

Lowest cost

Achieve the lowest cost per pallet, roll cage or dolly

Highly sustainable

Improve your carbon footprint and decrease CO2 emissions by 40%

More volume

Be efficient by moving up to 64% more volume per trip

Endless innovation

Optimize your supply chain with endless innovation

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10 Reasons why Emons Cargo 2WIN is a better choice than a standard 33 pallets trailer

Here’s the alternative to standard 33 pallets trailers that will expand your carrier base. Our optimised equipment, data technology and process digitalisation will boost your sustainable freight performance!

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What do you ship?

Afbeelding van 54 Euro pallets / 40 Industrial pallets
54 Euro pallets / 40 Industrial pallets

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Afbeelding van 130 -180 cm (51''-71'')
130 -180 cm (51”-71”)


Afbeelding van 395 kg per pallet (870 lb)
395 kg per pallet (870 lb)


Everyone’s Benefit

How 2WIN benefits every professional profile in your organization.

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As a Purchasing Manager, your decisions have a significant impact on the bottom line of your organization.

Click here to find out how Emons Cargo 2WIN can contribute to your overall cost-efficiency.

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As a Logistics Manager, efficiency and smoothness in your supply chain operations are crucially important.

Click here to find out how Emons Cargo 2WIN can add value to your supply chain.

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As a Warehouse Manager, you must ensure that all operations in the warehouse are efficient and effective.

Click here to find out how Emons Cargo 2WIN can improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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As a QHSE Manager, it is your job to keep high standards of quality, health & safety, and sustainability of your organization.

Click here to find out how Emons Cargo 2WIN can contribute to keep those standards high.

“Delivering the right product at the agreed time, in the right place, and of the right quality!”
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“It is important that as our business grows, we ensure that safety and the environment remain paramount. The 2WIN concept supports this.”
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“We can fit exactly 54 into a 2WIN trailer, which positively affects the price per pallet compared to the standard 33 pallet solutions.”
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