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2WIN load

The 2WIN principle

Two 2WIN trailers carry more pallets than three standard trailers. This principle is not only valid economically, but also 'ecologically'. The environmental savings brought by the 2WIN trailer are evident. We would gladly quantify the volume of emissions of CO2 and other harmful substances avoided by using the 2WIN trailer for our (potential) customers.

Do you want to see how much CO2 you can reduce? Use our CO2 calculator.

CO2 calculator F.A.Q.

Major efficiency increase

The source of the actual efficiency increase can be found on the lower deck. Due to a very low ground clearance and independent wheel suspension, it is possible to load cargo between the wheels.

This design offers an efficiency increase by providing a total of 21,5 loading meters within a vehicle length of 13,6 meters.

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2WIN load

2WIN Technical Features

  • 2 solid and fixed decks
  • Internal height 2 x 180 cm
  • Maximum loading capacity:
    • 50 – 54 Europallets
    • 39 – 40 Industry pallets
  • Hydraulic taillift capable of handling cargo from the floor or from the loading ramp
  • Driver (un)load with an electro-pallettruck
  • Hard-sided box (clean & dry)
  • Safe and secure (TAPA TSR Level 2)

Where 2WIN?

The benefits of the 2WIN-concept are most evident on:

  • Long haul destinations
  • High cost lanes (tunnel / ferry / tol / maut)
  • Inbound, replenishment flows, linehaul services, outbound, direct deliveries to customers

The customer can benefit from a flexible one-way service across Europe, due to the extensive fleet of 160 2WIN trailers and a high density network in central Europe.

The 2WIN benefits:

  • 63% More loading capacity
  • 39% Less transport movements
  • >40% Less CO2 emissions
  • Lowest cost per pallet against high service
  • No handling required for loading and unloading
  • Less cargo damage
  • Reliability - Improved On Time Performance
  • Secure transport – TAPA TSR Level2
  • Transparant & full visible transport

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