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Why the 2WIN double decker?

Transport more, drive less

Lowest cost

Lower cost per unit by more volume per trip

More volume

Move up to 54 euro pallets and 40 industrial pallets

Highly sustainable

More sustainable and 40% less CO2 freight emissions

Endless innovation

Customization and innovation as a standard solution

54 pallets up to 1.80 m (71”)

2WIN double-decker trailers are a proven alternative to standard trailers. When transporting more with each trip, you can lower costs, reduce trips meaningless administration while being more sustainable.

Low cost per pallet

We can load more non-stackable pallets per each trip and therefore lower your costs.

More pallet volume

Two double-deckers carry more than three standard trailers.

More europallets

Thanks to two decks, we transport 64% more volume.

CO2 emission (kgs)

Each load of standard trailer for 61,5 km road emits 100 kg CO2, but with 2WIN your emission is only 57 kg CO2.

Sustainable innovations

2WIN strives to be sustainable, by e.g. solar panels, driver training etc.

Max. height

Our trailer can haul pallets that are up to the max. 1.80 m height (71”).

Cubic space

The loading space is 93 m3, which is 11 m3 more than a standard trailer.

Max. weight per pallet

Our weight limit is 21.500 kg(s) (47399 lb), so that’s 395 kg per europallet (870 lb).

Less administration and costs

With fewer transport movements you handle less administration, fewer customs cost!

Ideal for non-stackable goods

Thanks to the second fixed floor at 1.80 m (71”) we can safely transport more non-stackable pallets.

Double-decker 2WIN
1.80 m (71”)
Max. 93m3
395 kg (870 lb)
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Standard 33 pallet trailer
>1.80m (71”)
Max. 82m3
725 kg (1598 lb)

Watch 2WIN in action

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A proven solution

Maximize your capacity and benefits per load.
If your loads are a perfect 2WIN fit you’ll get:


more pallets per load

Thanks to our second floor, you can add up to 21 pallets more than a standard trailer


less transport movements

Why drive more when you can transport the same volume with fewer trips?


less CO2 emissions

Transporting your products can be more sustainable

Start changing today

Are you ready make your transport more efficient and sustainable? Your supply chain revolution is just a few steps away! The process is super easy.

Check your 2WIN fit

Let’s check which 2WIN benefits you can achieve with your pallet dimensions, product type, and destinations.

Get a quote

We take a personal approach to every client and tailor each quotation to ensure you get the best price.

Supply Chain Optimization

We are in this together. We work with you to make the most of the 2WIN formula benefits, e.g. changing pallet sizes.

Test drive

We ensure you that 2WIN is a good choice for your non-stackable loads by conducting a test drive.

Time 2WIN!

You are ready 2WIN now and enjoy your cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable transportation service.

Everyone’s Benefit

How 2WIN benefits every professional profile in your organization.

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As a Purchasing Manager, your decisions have a significant impact on the bottom line of your organization.

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As a Logistics Manager, efficiency and smoothness in your supply chain operations are crucially important.

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As a Warehouse Manager, you must ensure that all operations in the warehouse are efficient and effective.

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As a QHSE Manager, it is your job to keep high standards of quality, health & safety, and sustainability of your organization.

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Frequently asked questions

We understand changing logistics supplier is difficult. We will help with all your questions.

Does Emons Cargo also provide partload or Less Than Truckload (LTL) service?
No, Emons Cargo only provides a Full Truck Load service.
How many pallets can be loaded into a 2WIN double deck trailer?
Each 2WIN trailer can load:
  • 50 – 54 Euro pallets
  • 39 – 40 Industry (block) pallets
What is the maximum cargo height allowance in a 2WIN double deck trailer?
Pallets or roll containers/cages can be maximum 180 cm (71”) high.
What is the maximum weight of a pallet that is loaded in a 2WIN trailer?
The maximum pallet weight is 400 kgs per euro pallet and 500 kgs per industry (block) pallet.
Is the 2WIN double deck solution beneficial for any type of goods?
No, the 2WIN doble deck solution is beneficial for palletised loads with dimensions between 130 and 180 cm and a weight of maximum 400 kg.
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