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A new location for a greener freight solution

Sustainability, zero emissions, decarbonization. These seem to be the keywords leading the UK government’s projects regarding road transport.

The UK’s high efficiency of road freight accounts for a significant part of the country’s economy. At the same time, such a big share in the transport industry brings about issues of sustainability. The more trucks on the road, the more CO2 emissions to deal with.

To provide a solution to these issues and reach the goal of net zero, the British government is planning to operate a transition to a fully electric mode of inland transport by 2050. Other projects are also being considered. The e-highway, for example, already realized to be tested in Germany on 20 km of highway, is another tool that promises a significant reduction of carbon emissions.

Clearly, planning and building the necessary infrastructures to realize and bring to full efficiency such ambitious projects are not a matter of months but years. In addition, the United Kingdom’s freight sector is not limited to inland transport. The country is also an importer and exporter of goods, even though with a slightly smaller focus compared to its inland industry.

At the moment, the main trend in the UK regarding shipments relates to its fast-growing e-commerce sector. However, warehouses must always be properly stoked with goods to satisfy customers’ requests. This implies more local as well as international shipments and, consequently, more CO2 emissions.

Obviously, the standard trucks operating in the international shipment sector cannot be magically transformed into electric vehicles or adapted for the e-highway as they enter the UK territory. Different solutions must be adopted.

It seems logical to try and start reducing carbon emissions as much as we can with the tool currently available to us. Careful planning of routes to avoid empty trips, alternative fuel, use of renewable energy like solar power when possible, and, above all, reduction of the number of trucks on the road by increasing the volumes they can ship. These measures can contribute to significantly reducing transport-related CO2 emissions.

With all this, Emons Cargo 2WIN can help.

An alternative 2WIN

Emons Cargo 2WIN trailers can ship more loads with fewer trips, therefore contributing to reducing the number of trucks on the road and their CO2 emissions. A 2WIN trailer, with its two loading decks, can transport up to 64% more volume than a regular trailer. The extra cubic space available in the trailer, in fact, allows for a full load of 54 euro pallets or 40 industrial pallets.

Two 2WIN trailers can ship more than three regular ones, and this directly translates into cost efficiency, fewer administration troubles, and most importantly, a CO2 emissions reduction of up to 40%.

More advantages can be added to this main one. The Emons Group can boast more than 75 yearsof experience in the transport industry. To plan the best and most efficient routes is our second nature. And so are our efforts to keep improving in sustainability. Some of our 2WIN trailers, for example, are equipped with solar panels. You can read about our 2WIN ‘solar powered’ here and here. We also make use, on some of our trucks, of alternative fuels, therefore contributing not only to the improvement of our carbon footprint but also to lowering costs for our customers.

A new office is coming

We are currently working on the possibility of creating a new location in the United Kingdom. This will allow us to better optimize trips and improve efficiency in terms of costs, sustainability, and customer service.

Brexit did not make things easier for international transport. By being directly on location, our aim is also to enhance our agility. In the meantime, Emons Cargo 2WIN has a dedicated team of Brexit experts ready to help with all necessary documents and information on the procedures for shipments for and to the UK.

No time to waste

At Emons, we are convinced that the road to green logistics, despite being long and difficult, is an accessible one. Innovation, digitization, technology, and efficiency are all the right means to embark on this sustainable trip. As already mentioned, however, many projects will take years to be perfectioned and put to use.

But there’s no time to waste. While waiting for new solutions and technologies, we need to start reducing freight CO2 emissions now, and the alternative 2WIN is the ideal starting point.

Contact our salesman for a quote, it’s time 2WIN!