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The presence of Ireland as an exporting/importing country in Europe is significant. The island is an important exporter of various goods: from computers and pharmaceutical supplies to food and animal products. The same is true for Ireland’s position as an importing country. Products of the machinery industry and the chemical one, food loads and fashion items, for example, cross the sea every day to reach the Irish coasts.

Ireland scores among the highest country in the world for quality of life. As such, its economy keeps growing as well as its import/export traffic, and so do transport costs due to fuel price, administration, CO2 taxes, etc. It seems quite natural, therefore, to wish for a cheap, sustainable, and reliable way to ship goods between Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the rest of Europe.

The ideal solution for cutting transport costs and CO2 emissions would be, of course, to ship more loads with fewer trips. This is precisely what the Emons Cargo 2WIN double-deck solution has been devised for.

Emons 2WIN trailers can load up to 21 more pallets (+ 64%) than a regular trailer due to a cubic space loading capacity of 93 m3 instead of the standard 82 m3. This means that two 2WIN trailers can ship more than three regular ones saving costs and administration troubles. Likewise, this 3 = 2 principle is valid for CO2 emissions. The 2WIN trailers can help improve a company’s carbon footprint by emitting up to 40% less CO2.

By transporting the same amount of goods with fewer trucks, it is possible to contribute not only to making the logistic sector greener but to lower traffic on roads as well as at borders. In the case of Brexit, for example, fewer trailers mean less administration and controls at customs, and the same is true for shipping freights via ferry directly to and from Europe; not to mention the cost-saving on some of these ferries tickets which have recently increased.

Either via direct ferry from mainland Europe or through the United Kingdom, according to the most convenient route in terms of costs and time, the 2WIN trailers can easily reach and cover the most important logistic hotspots in Ireland. Among our routes, for example, are the areas of Naas and Mitchelstown where we are currently shipping Fast-Moving Consumers Goods (FMCG) and fashion products for big retailers like Aldi and Primark.

An additional way of saving costs would be the use of the empty mileage within Emons Cargo’s network from Ireland. By making use of these empty trailers, it is possible to obtain not only a better price per shipment but also an optimized supply chain and avoid useless CO2 emissions.

Our corridors from Ireland are various and extensive. Emons Cargo network counts destinations in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland, and many others including, of course, the United Kingdom.

In addition to our considerable network, the high quality of our services makes Emons Cargo 2WIN ideal for many different kinds of freight. The 2WIN trucks are the optimal solution to ship Full Truck Loads of FMCG or pharmaceutical products at the right temperature and are equipped with a fixed deck that ensures the safety of delicate products and a lock that is only open once the destination is reached. In addition, Emons’ drivers take care of the operation of loading and unloading and are carefully trained to handle any kind of good with maximum attention lowering the risk of damage and saving even more costs.

Emons Cargo’s dream is that of providing a freight service that combines cost-effectiveness, sustainability, higher quality service, and cutting-edge technology. This dream has led us to develop the 2WIN double-deck trailer, and our mission now is to make the logistic sector cheaper, greener, and more reliable.

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