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Today, we want to invite you to a deep dive into the technological features that make our 2WIN such special trailers. Technological innovation is crucial in the transport sector. It is key to enhancing efficiency, safety, and versatility. Here at Emons Cargo 2WIN, with our commitment to being at the forefront of innovation, we are proud to share our trailers’ high level of technology and excellence.

Now, let’s cut to the chase and dive into our 2WIN technology!

Build for Endurance and Durability

Crafted with a focus on stability and durability, 2WIN trailers weight around 10,000 kg. Their construction is meticulously designed to balance low intrinsic weight and robustness. The loading levels are incorporated with grooved aluminium. The side walls are made of glass fibre cover sheets and polycarbonate filling. These materials ensure the vehicle’s lightweight profile while, at the same time, providing strength and durability.

Autonomy and Environmental Responsibility

2WIN trailers are autonomous units. This means that they do not depend on the tractor unit for the energy they need. The trailers can rely on their own power supply from batteries. These batteries are charged and kept at their optimum status by a state-of-the-art charging system connected with solar panels. The autonomy of the 2WIN trailers not only amplifies their versatility but also aligns with the increasing focus on sustainability within the transportation sector.

Solar on Top

A source of pride in the technological lineup of 2WIN trailers is the inclusion of a solar panel system on their roofs. From project conception to production and assembly, the system is 100% Emons. These solar panels contribute clean energy to charge the trailers’ batteries, elevating efficiency and sustainability.

Independent Axle Suspension

2WIN trailers sport independent axle suspension. It means that the wheels of the trailers are not connected from left to right and are linked by a less tight connection than a normal axle. This gives them a certain degree of independence from one another. They can independently move up and down according to the terrain they are rolling on. To clarify, if there is a bump on the left side of the road, only the wheel on the left side will go up and down. This contributes to the overall smoothness of the trailer’s movement.

Another advantage of this axle system is the lack of a big tube going across the trailer’s width to connect the wheels. This allows for more loading space inside the trailer. Indeed, 2WIN trailers can load up to 64% more pallets due to the axle-free extra space between their wheels.

Air Suspension for a Smooth Ride

Elevating the ride quality, 2WIN trailers boast an advanced air suspension. The system works as a buffer between the vehicle chassis and the wheels, minimizing vibrations during travel. Air suspensions adopt airbags made of rubber and polyurethane instead of steel coil springs. An onboard air compressor inflates these airbags to the optimal pressure. This system guarantees a smooth ride and safeguards the transported cargo by absorbing vibrations and preventing potential damage from rough movements.

Braking features

Each 2WIN trailer axle has a reliable and efficient drum brake system, ensuring effective and consistent braking performance. The trailer is also equipped with an ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) for enhanced control and stability during emergency braking situations. The ABS prevents wheel lockup, allowing the driver to maintain steering control even under heavy braking. This contributes to a safer and more controlled stopping of the trailer.

Enhanced Vehicle Stability

Another safety feature of the 2WIN trailers is the Roll Stability System (RSS). The system uses sensors to monitor the vehicle’s dynamics. It activates in case of conditions that may lead to rollover. In such conditions, the RSS intervenes by applying brakes to individual wheels and adjusting engine power. This helps stabilize the vehicle and reduces the risk of rollover.

Innovative Tail Lift Design

At the rear of 2WIN trailers, a dual-part tail lift system offers flexibility and speed to the operations of loading and unloading. The tail lift is made of an internal and an external part. This increases the platform length allowing space for more pallets. Boasting a robust lifting capacity of 3,000 kg, the tail lift accommodates both ground-level and dock operations with seamless precision.

Moreover, a folding roof together with the internal part of the tail lift offers a weather-resistant workspace for the driver. The design ensures uninterrupted functionality even in adverse weather conditions.

Smart Loading Features

Incorporating smart loading features, the 2WIN trailers maximise the use of the final metres in the trailer. Two roller tracks within the vehicle allow lateral manoeuvring of the pallets facilitating the use of all the loading volume. Highly trained drivers, equipped with an electric pallet truck (EPT) ensure the seamless and secure execution of loading and unloading operations

Safety Integration: 2WIN Stay Safe System

Prioritize safety is a top concern. Emons Cargo 2WIN introduces its Stay Safe System, placing safety at the core of its design and operations. The system addresses all 2WIN trailers’ safety aspects. It goes from fall protection at both loading levels to specialized and regular training. It includes rear hazardwarnings and specific high-risk area alerts. The commitment to safety permeates every facet of 2WIN trailers, emphasizing a holistic approach to safeguarding both personnel and operations.

In summary, 2WIN technology represents a leap forward in the world of cargo transportation. As companies increasingly pursue efficient, eco-friendly, safe, and reliable solutions, 2WIN trailers distinguish themselves as a symbol of advancement and excellence in the landscape of cargo transportation technology.

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