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What if there is a way to lower your freight cost,
increase loading capacity by up to 64%,
while being more sustainable with 2WIN?

You need the alternative 2WIN

We offer innovative European freight solutions with game-changing 2WIN double-deck trailers. Compared to a standard trailer we can transport over 64% more volume (up to 54 euro pallets or 40 industrial pallets).

The 2WIN trailer is a product of Emons’ culture of innovation and sustainability. If you transport high volume cargo up to 1.80 meters height in Europe, our services can bring you many benefits like:

64% More volume per trip
2WIN double-deck can haul up to 64% more volume i.e. 21 more pallets per trip. Thanks to this you are saving on-road costs. This allows you to achieve a lower cost per pallet.

389 trucks saved per 1000 trips
Two 2WIN trailers can replace and carry more pallets than three conventional trailers. In the long-term, you can save unnecessary trips and kilometres on the road.

• Independent carrier
Loaded and unloaded by our drivers, so you save on your workforce power, administration time and effort.

• 40% less co2 emission
In comparison to the standard trailer, we save up to 40% of CO2 emissions per trip. Which means 691 kg of CO2 saved per 1000 km. This allows you to get closer to your organization’s sustainability goals.

33% Fewer transport movements
With the growth of your company, your transport demands will continue to rise. Improving fuel efficiency has financial benefits as well as environmental benefits.

• Less cargo damage
In contrast to the regular trailers, we do not stack your products instead, we place them on a safe fixed deck. In addition, our drivers are trained in safe loading and unloading of the products. There is a considerable reduction in the damage to your products compared to standard trailers.

• Fewer incidents
Safety and security are top priorities at Emons. We conduct regular driver workshops to ensure our safety procedures and quality standards are clearly understood and followed. Our trailer is a hard box trailer that is secured with a lock when we leave the loading dock and only opened at the destination.

• Innovative culture
Emons group’s culture of innovation and perseverance to find innovative solutions to your challenges is a key benefit for our clients. Also, we are a family-owned company where we try to work in a compassionate and partner-like manner to create a long-term business friendship.

• Less administration
Thanks to transporting more, you are safe on administration efforts. Benefit from less data entry, bookkeeping and employee efforts. This is especially beneficial if you are transporting your goods to the United Kingdom.

• Data-driven
Data is the future. It is of high importance for your company KPI’s an evaluation of your transportation to collect the data. We are doing it for you, from the efficiency to the sustainability report. We will create a customized report for your needs as well!

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