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If Thomas Edison could see how his invention developed and improved since it was invented in 1878, he would be quite impressed! Today, light bulbs are not even remotely like the one Edison and his colleagues devised. However, we can easily say that the old incandescent filament enclosed in a vacuumed glass bulb – the light bulb, in short – has been one of the most important discoveries in human history.

Bulb logistics: a challenging matter

Since the introduction of electric light, everyone has needed light bulbs or, nowadays, the most modern and efficient versions of them such as LED, Halogen, etc. Consequently, bulbs logistics is quite important as the way of providing the necessary devices to light houses, stores, factories, and everything else in urban and rural areas.

Something challenging in bulbs logistics is surely the handling of such delicate materials. Light bulb warehousing, storage, and ideal light bulb packaging solutions should go hand in hand with proper light bulb shipping. To ensure the smooth transportation of these particular products, light bulb handling procedures and bulbs shipping regulations should be followed. Not to mention the right loading of the pallets into trailers and the measures to keep them safe during transport.

Do you have light bulbs to ship?

You have come to the right place to find the perfect light bulb shipping solution!

Emons Cargo 2WIN offers a double-deck transport solution with a fixed second loading deck that makes shipments more secure, significantly lowering the damage rate of products during transport.

As a matter of fact, Emons Cargo 2WIN trailers are just the ideal solution for products like light bulbs. A perfect 2WIN fit, as we like to say!

2WIN fit

2WIN fit means that a product has all the characteristics necessary for transportation with our double decks. As for light bulbs, to begin with, they are light products. On average, Emons Cargo trailers can ship euro pallets up to 400 kg and industrial pallets up to 525 kg. Just think about how many light bulbs per pallet that makes!

Light bulbs are particularly suitable for the 2WIN transport solution. Because of their fragility, in fact, light bulbs cannot be packed in too high pallets which means that they perfectly fall within our double decks’ height range of 130-180 cm.

Knowledge and experience at your service

As already mentioned, the knowledge of the right procedures and regulations for light bulb transportation is important for light bulb carriers. In the case of the Emons Cargo 2WIN solution, our drivers are responsible for the operations of loading and unloading pallets on our trailers. This not only saves time and workforce but is also a way to ensure the right handling of the products. Our drivers, in fact, are constantly and carefully trained to handle many different types of goods and have the knowledge and experience to deal with light bulbs as well as with many other fragile products. As a result, apart from saving time and workforce costs, you will also further lower the possibility of damaging your light bulbs due to the wrong ways of working with such delicate objects.

As a plus, our 2WIN are hard box trailers secured with a lock that is only open at the moment of unloading ensuring a safe transport for these valuable goods.

Looking for more benefits?

How about cutting your costs and your carbon footprint at the same time?

Emons Cargo 2WIN trailers can ship 54 euro pallets with one truck. This directly translates to fewer truck movements, less road and administration costs, and less fuel consumption.

By shipping more volume with fewer trailers, we can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40%. In view of the many efforts toward sustainability in every sector, it doesn’t sound too bad, don’t you think?

In short, Emons Cargo 2WIN can be the optimal solution for your glass light bulb transport as well as LED bulb shipments. Moreover, as an international carrier, we can easily take care of your international bulbshipping needs.

While our headquarters are in the Netherlands, we also have branches in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. This allows us to be a close partner for international producers and to offer fast customer service and support.

So, do you have light bulbs to ship?

Check our website and let us ‘enlighten’ you on our innovative and sustainable solution!