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Afbeelding voor Cultivating Excellence: The Advantage of In-House Drivers

In the world of logistics and transportation, the heartbeat of any successful transport company lies in the hands of those who steer the wheel: the drivers. Another crucial role is that of those who decide between employing contracted third-party drivers or building a dedicated in-house team. Such a decision is not just about how to move goods from point A to point B. Rather, it is a choice that influences the entire transportation experience for both the company and its customers.

Communication is Key

One of the main issues often reported by companies working with freight forwarders is a lack of communication. On the contrary, direct communication between in-house drivers and the operation team of a freight company is smoother and more efficient. However, transportation is not without its challenges, but the agility with which these challenges are resolved can make all the difference. A close connection between drivers and carrier personnel can speedily address issues as they present themselves. Whether it is rerouting due to unexpected road closures or adapting to changes in delivery requirements, the ability to solve problems on the go ensures minimal disruptions to the supply chain.

Delivering Consistency

One of the core advantages of a transport company having its own drivers is the power of consistency. In-house drivers are an integral part of the company, carrying its values, adhering to its standards, and working in alignment with its mission. This results in a consistent level of service. Choosing a freight company with its own drivers means choosing reliability that extends beyond just moving goods. It’s a promise that shipments will be handled by professionals dedicated to maintaining the high standards set by the company.

Ambassadors of Reliability

Timeliness is paramount in transportation. Delays can have a cascading effect on the entire supply chain, leading to missed opportunities and dissatisfied customers. In-house drivers are more than employees. They are ambassadors of the company’s commitment to meeting deadlines. The choice to employ its own drivers empowers a carrier to have greater control over delivery schedules. This control, in turn, translates to better communication, real-time updates, and the ability to quickly adapt to unforeseen challenges.

Security Beyond Cargo

The safety of the cargo is important. Accordingly, in-house drivers are invested not only in the timely delivery of goods but also in their safety. Drivers who work for a specific company receive complete and careful training that enables them to handle products with care.

Shared Values

In-house drivers are not just skilled professionals, they are an embodiment of the transport company’s commitment to excellence, safety, and integrity. When a business collaborates with such an organization, aligns itself with a brand that values relationships, transparency, and a dedication to making the journey as seamless as possible.


Like any other transport company, its drivers are at the heart of Emons Cargo 2WIN‘s success. These professionals are not just steering wheels on the road, they are the foundation of a well-oiled company that prioritizes efficiency, safety, and continuous improvement.

Less Forwarding More Control

An in-house driver system provides authority and control. Emons Cargo 2WIN can boast complete oversight over its shipments and a direct channel of communication with its drivers. This allows for continuous supervision and optimization. Not being a freight forwarder, Emons Cargo 2WIN can count on a team of drivers who, with their professionalism and commitment to the company, can help fine-tune operations, amplify efficiency, and heighten the quality of our service.

Loading and Unloading Ability

Emons Cargo 2WIN drivers are responsible for the operations of loading and unloading. The 2WIN are double-deck trailers equipped with a tail lift that our drivers are carefully trained to operate. Their perfect knowledge of procedures and safety rules enable them to safetly handle any kind of cargo , with care, and minimising the risk of damage.

Nurturing Skills

While transporting goods from point A to point B is fundamental, Emons Cargo 2WIN recognizes that how those miles are covered can make all the difference. Our commitment to continuous learning is evident in our drivers’ training program, including fuel efficiency modules and optimized driving techniques. By staying updated on the latest advancements in efficient driving, our in-house drivers save costs for our company and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Emons Learning Platform

Emons Cargo 2WIN takes driver development seriously, offering a dedicated platform for continuous learning. This platform serves as a knowledge hub where drivers can access resources, engage in interactive modules, and stay informed. By nurturing a culture of ongoing education, we equip our drivers with the latest insights and best practices, allowing them to adapt to evolving challenges in their work.

Communication and Connectivity

In a globally connected world, effective communication transcends boundaries. This is why Emons Cargo 2WIN offers an English course to its drivers. This initiative not only facilitates smother interactions with clients and partners from around the world but also enhances the drivers’ personal and professional growth. In fact, the ability to communicate fluently in English also contributes to our drivers’ professional satisfaction.

In conclusion, Emons Cargo 2WIN’s investment in its in-house drivers is an example of a holistic approach to transportation. By combining specialized skills, continuous learning, and global connectivity, the company ensures that its drivers are not just steering vehicles. In an industry where efficiency and excellence are paramount, Emons Cargo 2WIN sets the bar high, demonstrating how effective training, support, and communication can lead to the highest level of excellence.