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The high-value electronic industry keeps advancing by leaps and bounds answering to the requests of an ever-growing market. The market demands and the supply chain responds: it sounds like everything works smoothly, right? As a matter of fact, reality is a tad more complicated.

High-tech Challenges

The manufacturing of high-value electronic goods goes through quite a few challenges. Technology develops and changes very rapidly and so do customers’ preferences. This makes the life cycle of high-tech goods quite short and keeping up with demands more difficult.

Another issue faced in the electronic supply chain is the access to raw materials. Many components of high-tech products are made of rare earth metals and other materials that are difficult to obtain. In 2020, for example, the industry faced such a major shortage of microprocessors to deserve the nickname “chipageddon.” Then, of course, there is the fact that high-value electronic goods are indeed high-value products and, as such, need to be handled with much care.

However, even after going through many efforts, high-tech producers’ challenges are not over. They still need to find the right, secure, and most convenient way of shipping their goods.

Shipping Electronics

What are the most important issues when shipping electronic goods? Let’s consider international transportation via truckloads.


One of the first things to pay attention to when shipping high-value electronic goods is the handling of the products. When we speak of high-tech, more often than not, we are speaking of delicate materials. The importance of the way these materials are packed and palletized equals that of the operations of loading and unloading on trailers. These operations should be carried out by expert staff, experienced in handling high-value and fragile products.


Secure transportation, however, does not only imply a damage rate reduction. Electronics are high-value products and, as such, must also be protected from possible thefts. A hard box trailer is without any doubt a more secure solution than a curtained one.

European and UK shipping

As in many other sectors, it is important to consider Brexit’s impact on shipping electronics. Cross-border shipping implies compliance with customs regulations as well as the payment of VAT and duty fees.

Taking care of all the necessary shipping papers is already time-consuming. If to that you also add the Brexit documents needed to ship from and to the UK, time doubles up.


When transporting goods, including high-value electronics, there will be costs related to fuel, road and administration. In the case of international shipping, you must also consider the costs of VAT and duty fees for electronics. Both duty fees and VAT (Value Added Tax) are taxes that can vary from country to country. They are imposed by governments on specific goods or services imported or exported.


Environmental protection and CO2 emissions reduction are growing in importance in every single sector. Apart from the main goal of protecting our planet, every company also has practical reasons for putting an effort into improving their carbon footprint. The introduction of mandatory sustainability reports, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) (Learn more about it here), is a strong incentive and it’s getting closer and closer.

Of course, it is not just a matter of complying with legislation. Being sustainable also influences the competitiveness of companies. The better a company’s carbon footprint is, the more it will be competitive in the market.

A Groundbreaking Solution

Is there a way to overcome all these challenges? Is there an international transport solution that can ensure the safety and security of high-value electronics loads, take care of customs regulations and Brexit administration, and help at the same time to save costs and reduce CO2 emissions?

The answer is yes, there is!

Meet 2WIN

Emons Cargo 2WIN, Europe’s largest multi-customer double-deck transport network, is the groundbreaking solution you are searching for.

Our 2WIN are hard box double deck trailers. They are always secured with locks and are only opened when it’s time to unload them. They are also constantly monitored thanks to our track & trace tool.

These trailers can load up to 64% more volume per trip than standard trailers. One 2WIN can ship 54 euro pallets – or 40 industrial pallets – in one go. This means saving on fuel, road, and administration costs. It also means that your carbon footprint will improve. Emons Cargo solution 2WIN will ensure that the CO2 emissions related to your shipments will drop by up to 40% per trip.

Operations of loading and unloading are carried out by our drivers. All our staff is extremely experienced. They go through constant training in safety procedures and the right way of handling any kind of goods, including valuable and fragile products like high-tech ones.

As the cherry on top, we also have a dedicated and experienced Brexit team at our customers’ disposal to deal with documents and regulations.

Check out our 2WIN trailers and discover what this alternative transport solution can do for your high-value electronic shipments.

It’s time to meet 2WIN!