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Afbeelding voor Emons Service Center: Supply chain-experts

Innovation and development characterize the Emons Group; for 75 years we have been developing new logistics solutions, particularly in the field of equipment.

We do this to remain distinctive in our niche markets and continue to deliver added value to our customers. Given the demand from the market, it is now also necessary to innovate in the field of data and IT and to use a corresponding working method. This will keep us ready for full operation for the next 75 years.


Our answer to the market demand is the Emons Service Centre. Within this new division, a basic team of experts and young talent from all organizations of the Emons Group is working on issues and challenges related to supply chain optimization at the customer’s site. They do this on a project basis. The Emons Service Centre can also take over carrier and order management tasks from the customer. So that the customer can fully focus on its core activities.

Areas of expertise

In addition, our own internal processes are scrutinized and improved by the Emons Service Centre. Depending on the customer’s needs, the basic team is supplemented by one or more other professionals from the Emons Group. Applications and IT, research & development, supply chain engineering, and finance are among others the areas of expertise that come together in the ESC. This is being led by Marcel van de Werf and Gerard Alders.


Marcel, Director of Research & Development, uses his knowledge and experience to provide the customer with the best possible service from the Service Centre. Gerard Alders has been working for our family business since November 2018. He knows better than anyone how to successfully start and complete logistics processes. Gerard focuses particularly on improving the internal business processes of the Emons Group and its divisions. The principle is that the Emons Service Centre is always full at the service of the client, be it a customer or our own organization!

Stijn van den Bogart
“Get ready to transport more efficient and sustainable! ” – Stijn van den Bogart

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