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Afbeelding voor 2WIN chooses speed and efficiency for its cross-channel freight routes

The Eurotunnel, also known as the Channel Tunnel, is one of the longest underwater tunnels in the world. It stretches for approximately 50.5 km (31.4 miles) between the United Kingdom and France. The project started in 1988 and was completed in 1994. Since then, the Eurotunnel has had a significant impact on trade and on the movement of goods and people. It encouraged business connections and played a crucial role in cross-channel freight transport.

An efficient choice

Eurotunnel transport provides a fast and efficient transit option for trucks. The journey through the tunnel takes approximately 35 minutes, allowing for quickcross-channel transportation. Other options, like ferry services, can involve longer travel times due to factors such as waiting for boarding and sea crossing.

Trucks travelling through the Eurotunnel follow a direct route, bypassing the need for sea crossing or alternative land routes. This reduces travel distances and eliminates delays or disruptions caused by weather conditions or traffic congestion at ports.

Eurotunnel freight service efficiency is also ensured by its flexibility. The Channel Tunnel operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This enables companies to move their trucks at their convenience facilitating their scheduling management. Such a continuous service allows for efficient logistic planning. Companies are, in fact, able to ship their products without restrictions from ferry departure times.

Efficiency is also enhanced by the presence of infrastructure and facilities to ease and speed up customs checks and documentation processes for cross-border trade between the UK and Europe.

A safe and cost-effective choice

Channel-crossing via Eurotunnel offers a high level of security for truck transport. Vehicles are loaded onto dedicated shuttle trains, reducing the risk of theft or damage. Additionally, drivers are allowed to remain with their vehicles throughout the journey. This ensures control and, if necessary, immediate access to their cargo. Comprehensive security checks provide added protection, while continuous monitoring contributes to a secure and safe transport environment.

As for costs, avoiding longer routes, fuel savings due to shorter distances, and reduced turnaround times contribute to cost efficiency.

A sustainable choice

The use of electric trains in the Eurotunnel contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and environmental impacts compared to diesel-powered alternatives. Electric trains have higher energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions. They are, in short, a more sustainable choice for transportation across the English Channel. At the moment, electric ferries are being tested. However, they are not expected to be operating before the next five years.

In addition, by providing a dedicated route for trucks, the Eurotunnel helps reduce road congestion. This can lead to improved traffic flow, minimized idling time, and reduce air and noise pollution in congested areas. Eurotunnel logistics also contributes to sustainable transportation practices by promoting modal shift. Shifting from road to rail transportation through the tunnel can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, and environmental impact.

A 2WIN choice

At Emons Cargo 2WIN, we have a few main points we like to stick with: efficiency, speed, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and sustainability.

Emons Cargo 2WIN concept, in fact, is already fast, cost-effective, and sustainable. Two 2WIN trailers can ship more than three standard trailers. This way we can ship more volumes in less time, with fewer road and administration costs, and with less CO2 emissions. The efficiency of transportation via Eurotunnel is an extra benefit of the Emons Cargo 2WIN service.

Eurotunnel service has proven itself to be a fast and reliable transportation option for freight movements across the English Channel. Efficiency, combined with customs facilitation and sustainability benefits, makes it a valuable component of the European logistics infrastructure. In addition to the already mentioned benefits of the Eurotunnel for businesses, seamless connectivity in Europe and the UK also allows for smoother cross-border trade.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a company focused on saving costs and time, and committed to environmental protection like Emons Cargo 2WIN would pick the Eurotunnel as its elective choice to enhance speed and efficiency on its routes between the UK and Europe.

About 95% of Emons Cargo 2WIN cross-channel shipments are made via Eurotunnel.

Are you searching for the best way to ship your goods across the English Channel?

It is just a matter of making the best choice. And choosing a company that, in its turn, is able to make the best choices surely is an added value.