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The Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic have shown us the importance of having a resilient supply chain to face disruptions and navigate successfully through challenging situations. Managing shifting transport volumes, costs and optimizing routes have become crucial for the logistics sector to improve customer experience. To find a balance between all these shifting demands, 2WIN works with data and technology expertise to support resilient supply chains in full truckload (FTL) international deliveries. If this sounds like music to your ears, keep reading! In this article, we’ll outline factors, which can support your FTL cross-border strategy. 

Critical factors for an efficient full truckload (FTL) international strategy

  1. Having a reliable truckload capacity
  2. Using technology to increase efficiency 
  3. Getting expert help to cover your logistics needs 
  1. Partner up with suppliers for a reliable truckload capacity

Creating and nurturing long-term relationships with freight carriers can be essential to guarantee access to a reliable truckload capacity. As a family-owned company with 75-years experience on market, we always try to think in years – not quarters. By following the 5 rules on how to establish long-term customer partnerships the companies can aim to create business partnerships, instead of only a client base. Emons Cargo 2WIN has built the largest multi-customer double-deck transport network for FTL shipments with units between 130-180 cm height. 

Now that companies are adapting to new Brexit rules, optimizing the number of trips also means less administrative and customs costs. Yes, that’s right, you can have lower costs and fewer trips! Our 2WIN trailers can move up to 54-euro pallets and 40 industrial pallets, carrying up to 63% more volume per trip and achieving the lowest cost per unit. 

  • Use data and technology to optimize your FTL strategy. 

Data and technology are now considered valuable assets to develop resiliency throughout the supply chain and eliminate inefficiencies. As supply chains become increasingly complex, optimizing your network routes can be crucial to driving an efficient FTL cross-border strategy. For example, 2WIN uses data mining to analyze your freight flows, finding the most efficient routes for your products. 

We also partner with leading technology institutions to test real-life applicability to many digital innovations. More recently, we’ve been testing solutions developed in the Dutch Logistics Data Space (DLDS) for controlled sharing of event data in the supply chain. This initiative can help companies improve processes, increasing visibility and efficiency. 

  • Get expert help to guide you through changes in trade agreements.

Navigating changes in trade agreements, like Brexit, can be challenging. The potential cost impact has been one of the most critical concerns, especially in industries such as food and beverage, where the margins can be lower. Having a specialist to Brexit consult with and guide you through all the customs and regulations can be valuable, particularly when the consequences of missing documentation can be severe. 

Do you need an international FTL freight service? 2WIN is ready to cross the border!

Over the years, Emons Cargo 2WIN has built the largest multi-customer double-deck transport network for full truckload (FTL) shipments with units between 130-180 cm height. You can optimize your road freight by replacing three standard trailers with two of our 2WIN trailers, moving more goods per trip. If you’re interested in leveraging data and technology to optimize your supply chain and network routes, the Emons Service Center can deliver surprising insights to you. But that’s not all – we have a team of Brexit specialists ready to help you move goods from or to the UK.Contact us – the first test load is free.

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