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Behind every cool gadget launched in the market, there’s a complex hi-tech transport of the companies, which constantly brings novelty and a competitive edge. These supply chains get more advanced to manage costs efficiently, reduce time to market, and optimize logistics. What are some of the supply chain challenges in hi-tech transport, and how to tackle them? Read on!

On top of the above-mentioned supply chain challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic ignited an unparalleled level of digitalization and the demand for hi-tech devices, putting a strain on hi-tech supply chains. The pandemic imposed the need for flexibility and resilience in logistics. In this article, we’ll take a look at the logistics challenges that hi-tech companies face. 

1. Delays in supply and transportation of components 

The recipe for managing complex supply chains includes efficient freight, safety, up-to-date information, and reliable suppliers. For hi-tech companies, the timely delivery of each component is crucial. As devices are made up of different parts, every part must be produced and carried to the right place for assembly. Consequently, a delay in the distribution of a component can put on hold the product launch.

Managing advanced supply chains demands reliable logistics providers and collaboration with suppliers to expedite processes. Another possible solution is to implement technologies such as machine learning and AI to help you predict the future demand for components of your devices. Moreover, the increased visibility provided by IoT and predictive analytics supports the optimization of logistics processes. 

2. Inefficient transport 

Suppose you manage your supply chain efficiently, and despite minor delays, your production is on time. Now, you start planning the distribution and how you will meet the time to market deadlines. In this phase, efficient transport is crucial. Applying machine learning and AI to optimize routes and quickly adapt to shifting distribution needs streamlines operations, giving a competitive edge to get products at retailers on time. In addition, choosing a partner with higher capacity makes your transport more efficient by increasing the volume of goods per trip, maintaining your market advantage. 

3. Shorter lifecycles 

As consumers, we can be easily captivated by the next hit gadget. To increase consumer loyalty, tech companies are continuously working on new, innovative products. From research to design and manufacturing, production is sped up over the years. This increases the complexity of supply chains, especially during times of shortage. Thus, the speed of supply chains becomes even more critical for a successful product launch. Production setbacks and delays might limit companies’ ability to meet consumer expectations. 

Improving speed to market through small changes can lead to higher efficiency throughout manufacturing. Getting early insight into R&D to understand the production pipeline and engaging with suppliers to get raw materials and components on time can enhance your production times. Also, having backup solutions for your supply chain and comprehensive service level agreements can effectively deal with supply issues. 

4. Poor Security 

Theft presents a unique challenge to logistics partners, suppliers and manufacturers. While the products move between origin and destination, they can be exploited in different ways, from physical theft to documentation fraud, where the ownership, contents and other information are altered. As tech supply chains are global and complex, shifting commodity prices, economic crises, and black market demand can increase cargo theft. Hence, robust security in hi-tech transport is crucial. 

Although it might be tough to prevent freight theft, building a relationship with secure logistics partners with hard box and secretly locked trailers can mitigate risks. Further, implementing IoT devices, such as tags for accurate tracking can increase transparency throughout the supply chain. Other possible solutions include audits and reporting to ensure security best practices and risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities. Read why 2WIN can be a great solution for the safe transport of hi-tech products in our risk analysis.

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The transportation of hi-tech products is undoubtedly full of challenges. Emons Cargo 2WIN invests in technology to improve operational performance. Also, your goods will be safe and undamaged with us – from the 2nd floor protecting your goods to be stacked to a hard box trailer. Read why 2WIN can be the most efficient and safest solution for the safe transport of hi-tech products in our risk analysis.

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