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Afbeelding voor E-commerce | How to keep delivering your service

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a shift in consumer demand. With brick-and-mortar stores closed worldwide, consumers turned to e-commerce, increasing sales. As the shift created new consumer habits, the uptick in online sales will continue after the pandemic. Now, the next challenge for e-commerce is how to keep the service high even in the face of delays.

Restructure your operations 

The rapid growth of e-commerce was sometimes tough on companies, which were unprepared for it. Companies that adapt quickly benefited from the “new normal”. That shows that rethinking your operations in logistics and supply chain to expand capabilities is critical.  

Take a closer look and find what the operations’ areas need investment. For example, you may find that navigating customs post-Brexit is more challenging than you thought. Having a partner to help you clear customs and deliver your UK goods to the EU might be a good investment. Or it might be that you need to increase supply chain visibility. In this case, investing in technology to optimize your supply chain is essential. The lesson here is to leverage long-term value creation through resilience

Worldwide e-commerce sales (Image source: Shopify)

Build trust with stakeholders and partners 

As disruptions become frequent, it’s essential to build internal and external partnerships for resilient operations. Strive to integrate your operations team with internal stakeholders, such as commercial teams. Allowing cross-collaboration between business units is a significant opportunity to promote integration. Moreover, cross-collaboration can help you embrace the diversity of thinking, leading to better results. 

Externally, a trustworthy relationship with customers and suppliers can add to value creation. Having a collaborative approach with your suppliers and partners builds trust and transparency. Setting up events, such as online Q&As and “supplier hour,” can bridge the gap between suppliers and units. Present the different business perspectives, market context, new product launches to establish collaboration. The bottom line here is to keep close contact and detail on how the future can look like for the partnership.

Create value with sustainability 

Now and even more in the future, it is imperative for e-commerce players to be aware of the impact of their supply chains. E-commerce companies can have a competitive edge against traditional ones by leveraging technology efficiently. Technology can be a powerful ally in promoting sustainability. For example, investing in technology to manage your inventory and reduce wasted resources can boost your sustainability efforts. 

Beyond recyclable packaging and reducing waste, it’s also essential to think about the transportation impact on the environment. Collaborating with logistics partners that offer low-carbon services or are green-certified is vital to create sustainable value

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