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Change can be intimidating, especially when it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, however, the benefits of change far outweigh the effort it takes to embrace it. This is certainly the case with Emons Cargo 2WIN, an innovative FTL freight service. 2WIN trailers are a double-deck solution with a loading capacity of 54 euro pallets (40 industrial pallets). This allows for up to 40% CO2 emissions reduction and significant savings on fuel, road and administration costs. In the last few years, Emons Cargo gained extensive expertise in onboarding new customers. We adhere to a well-defined structure and employ a team of dedicated implementation experts to facilitate a seamless transition.

Let us take you through the implementation process of Emons Cargo 2WIN and show you how we make the switch comfortable.

Discovering the Advantage of 2WIN Implementation

The journey of implementing Emons Cargo 2WIN begins with a conversation.

Our sales department reaches out to you to explain the 2WIN concept. To ensure that 2WIN is a good fit for your cargo, we gather nformation including:

  • Pallet’s height: pallets between130 and a maximum of 180 cm
  • Pallet’s weight: maximum payload of 21.5 tons
  • Shipment volume (FTL)
  • Shipment frequency
  • Type of products
  • Loading and unloading locations
  • Warehouse arrangements

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to evaluate your specific needs and assess whether Emons Cargo 2WIN is the right fit for your business.

Warehouse Adjustments

One key aspect of 2WIN implementation is adapting your warehouse – or the warehouse you work with – to accommodate the payloads for our double-deck trailers. Typically, warehouses organize their space for batches of 33 pallets, but a 2WIN trailer needs space for 54 pallets.

Our implementation team gives support to align everyone involved on how to work with the 2WIN. We understand that change can be daunting, and our experts are here to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The Role of Emons Cargo Drivers

Our skilled and experienced drivers play a crucial role in the successful implementation of 2WIN. They handle the loading and unloading operations and are well-versed in safety procedures and handling various types of goods.

The 2WIN equipment, like the EPT and the tail lift, require trained and experienced operators to be used safely and efficiently, which is why no one except our drivers is allowed to use it and access the trailer. This may be an issue in those cases where drivers are not allowed into the warehouse. To solve this problem, warehouse workforces can be employed to move the load to and from the tail lift of our trailer enabling our drivers to manage loading and unloading efficiently and safely.

Demo and Test Load

Before you decide to commit to the 2WIN solution, we can organize a demo or a test load. A demo showcases the trailer and provides a demonstration of the loading process with a single pallet. A test load, on the other hand, involves an actual shipment and requires the collaboration of drivers, country and fleet managers, and operation and technical departments. This process concludes with a detailed report on the outcomes, which is shared with the potential customer. We want you to experience the 2WIN advantage first-hand to ensure it aligns with your logistics needs.

2WIN Roadshow

Another option to see our 2WIN trailers in action is to book a Roadshow.

The 2WIN Roadshow is a unique opportunity to experience technology and innovation in person. We will provide a comprehensive overview of our services and values, and a live demonstration of our trailer’s functionality. Plus, it’s completely free of charge!

Administration and Customs

Our dedicated teams ensure all required documents are accurate for your shipments. In the case of cross-border shipments between Europe and the United Kingdom, our Brexit team sets up all the necessary customs procedures and makes sure that all papers are precisely compiled and on time. We take care that documents are correct and ready so you can focus on the smooth operation of your supply chain.

Getting Started with 2WIN Implementation

After a successful demo, test load, or Roadshow, you will have the information and confidence needed to move forward. If your company decides to make the switch to Emons Cargo 2WIN, we can start receiving and executing shipment orders. Your journey with 2WIN has begun.

Continuous Support

During the initial weeks of our new business relationship, our implementation team closely monitors all data and operations to ensure a seamless transition. When we are confident that everything is running smoothly, the operational department takes over.

Ready 2WIN?

Emons Cargo 2WIN implementation is a well-structured process designed to make the switch comfortable and efficient. We are committed to helping our customers achieve the benefits of increased loading capacity, reduced emissions, and lower costs.

Your journey with Emons Cargo 2WIN begins with a conversation and continues with a steady and reliable connection. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Embrace the change and experience the 2WIN advantage for yourself.