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Afbeelding voor Internal Operations – Behind the Scenes at Emons Cargo 2WIN

What are the best qualities of an international road freight company? Here at Emons Cargo 2WIN, we are convinced that reliability and transparency of our internal operations, and open lines of communication with clients are among the assets that set us apart.

In this age of instant updates, where data travels at the speed of light, clients rightfully demand real-time information. They want to know where their goods are at any given moment, and they ask for the reassurance of transparent, honest communication. In order to deliver such a service, a transport company must be equipped with the best digital tools and able to rely on committed and trustworthy teams.

Follow us in this blog as we give you a little peek behind the scenes of Emon Cargo 2WIN’s internal operations.

Our people

It would be nearly impossible to fully explain in a little blog like this how any single person in our company contributes to the success of our operations. We just want to give you an idea of how things work around here. Think about the mechanism of a watch. Do you see how every gear is connected and moves together with the others? Well, that is exactly how our people work together. So, let us tell you something about some of our main teams.


The operation team plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the smooth and efficient movement of goods. They ensure that shipments are delivered safely on time, and in compliance with all regulations. Their ability to plan, coordinate, and adapt to various challenges is essential. They maintain open lines of communication with clients, providing updates on the status of their shipments, addressing inquiries, and promptly resolving problems. The operation department works on shifts in order to be always reachable, 24/7, to answer customers’ requests or act in case of emergencies. Their constant availability is fundamental in case of issues such as delays or accidents. They are always ready to intervene and take care of the safety and security of drivers and shipments.


Brexit operations are the responsibility of our Brexit team. They stay updated with all the new customs and trade regulations. By doing so, they make sure that every shipment crosses the border smoothly and prevent delays or potential fines. Both in the United Kingdom and in Europe, our Brexit team constantly keeps in contact with our on-site partners to address any issue that may arise during cross-border operations.

Working in close contact with the operation team, they also contribute to maintaining direct communication with our customers. It is important, in fact, that any change or update in the procedures or regulations is promptly applied and reported.

Fleet managers

Communication is also key in the work of our fleet managers. Apart from monitoring the state of our vehicles, training drivers, and performing many other tasks, they are the most important point of contact between the operation department and our drivers. The effectiveness of their communication is crucial for the smoothness and efficiency of our operations. Like the operation team, fleet managers are reachable around the clock, 24/7.


Emons Cargo 2WIN drivers are the backbone of the company. They are directly responsible for the successful and safe transport of goods. Their role requires a combination of driving skills, professionalism, attention to detail, adherence to regulations, and ability to communicate. They need to keep constant communication with their fleet managers and the operation team. This includes providing updates on their progress, reporting any delays or issues, and following any instructions or changes to the route or schedules. They also interact with customers. That is why they need good communication skills. To enhance this side of their professionalism, our company also provides them with an English course for drivers on our dedicated e-learning platform.

Our tools

Apart from the right people in the right place, operational excellence needs the right logistics software and the right logistics tools. Here are a couple of digital aids used by our teams to plan, optimize, and monitor shipments. They are also an added value to our customers enhancing transparency and ensuring data clarity in our communications.


Lbase is our choice for a cloud-based transport management software. Among its many features, it gives continuous real-time visibility into our operations. This helps us make better decisions and give the most precise possible information to our customers about their shipments.


All our trucks are equipped with a GPS system. GPS technology gives us full control and visibility over our fleet. It provides real-time traffic and route information. It allows us to promptly respond to different situations and communicate with our drivers in time to avoid delays. Also, it gives us a full and timely account of our drivers’ behaviour, ensuring they drive according to safety protocols and speed limits. Moreover, GPS tracking systems are essential to provide accurate, real-time updates to our clients on their shipments.

Now you know!

After this sneak peek behind the scenes of Emons Cargo 2WIN’s internal operations, we hope you know us better. Your shipments are not just cargo to us. They are a testament to the values of reliability, transparency, and communication we hold so dear!