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Have you ever felt pressured between following logistics safety protocols and getting things done quickly? The logistics safety duality has been in the spotlight during the pandemic as the demand for expanded capacity increases. However, the time constraints don’t need to impact safety. Yes, it’s possible to build a culture of safety and have very efficient transport. That’s what we’ll show you in this article: how 2WIN makes safety a top priority in logistics. 

Transport safety is a top priority

Since always 2WIN has made logistics safety one of its top priorities, providing safe working conditions beyond transport rules. Our QHSE-specialists supervise all processes complying with our quality management system ISO 9001:2015 certified by TÜV. Over the years, we introduced several safety measures to improve working conditions. From technological enhancements to our fleet to customer-specific solutions, here are six ways that we raised the safety bar in road transportation.

  1. Driver Training Academy: increasing efficiency and safety

We established the Driver Training Academy to provide comprehensive training for our drivers. The focus is on secure and efficient (un)loading of trailers, with periodic course repetition. The drivers are provided with training modules on operating the lift and pallet truck following ISO 3691-5:2014 and more.

But there’s more – the program encourages drivers to adopt an economical driving style through good practices, such as checking and evaluating braking distances. By implementing economical driving, we can reduce fuel usage and raise efficiency. Some advantages of the program are: 

  • Drivers are well-prepared to tasks on hend,
  • Safer driving,
  • Significant savings on fuel costs,
  • Less tire damage,
  • Fewer accidents, 
  • Drivers are comfortable behind the wheel,
  • Considerable contribution to the environment. 

Furthermore, we have driver coaches who guide our drivers throughout their training. The coaches also conduct ad hoc inspections at loading and unloading locations. Currently, we are expanding our driver training through an e-learning platform and rewarding drivers for their sustainable efforts. 

  • LNG Fire Training: joining forces with [Fire department where training happens]

Every Monday for three weeks, Emons Cargo 2WIN teams up with Veiligheidsregio Limburg-Noord on a liquefied natural gas (LNG) fire safety. During the training 3 weeks training, the Safety Regio department practice how to approach the LNG trucks. Part of our fleet run on LNG, which is an alternative fuel that releases less CO2 than diesel. While LNG is a safer alternative for the environment, non-toxic and significantly less dangerous than other fuels, there are still risks during the explosion. Therefore, the Safety Regio check the accuracy of the instructions available for the IVECO truck model and practice the execution in case such a situation ever occurs in a real-life scenario.

Fire training with Veiligheidsregio Limburg-Noord
  • 2WIN trailer improvements: investing in technology for a safer fleet

Over the years, we invested in several technical enhancements on our trailers to promote safety. The improvements include automatic instructions by geofencing, automatic parking control at the rear, and anti-tipping over the system onboard. Moreover, 2WIN trailers have extra ABS sensors on four wheels instead of the usual two. 

The trailers are also equipped with side barriers on the tail lift, lift tip to reduce the risk of falling off, and a special ribbed floor for more grip.

  • Tailored safety solutions: implementing customer-specific measures

We also offer further safety measures per customer request. The measures include:

  • Engineering space efficient solutions,
  • Safety instruction cards for drivers,
  • Communication with drivers based on their GPS position.

Our drivers can also undergo training modules to follow specific safety standards and agreements required by our customers. 

  • Inspections, and maintenance: complying with external parties

Keeping our trailers in perfect conditions is another way to increase efficiency. This way we can minimize the  In addition to our safety measures, we implemented voluntary independent annual inspection and certification of loading lifts (‘LPK’). Moreover, we follow the customer or site-specific instructions where needed. 

  • Starting at the top: cultivating a safety-first culture

Over the years, we have built a safety culture in our operations, starting at the top. Safety is on the agenda of our board of directors. We take a proactive approach to risk and safety management. If a safety event occurs, the event is logged and discussed to create accountability and empower workers. Moreover, we have created a multi-disciplinary safety and prevention committee to encourage cooperation.

For Emons Cargo 2WIN, safety goes beyond compliance with transport regulations. We invest in our driver’s training and technology to enhance our fleet safety performance and efficiency. If you’d like to know more about our workshop inspection, including regular, yearly, and biannual electric inspections. Get in touch with us or read our risk analysis for more information!

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