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lower road emissions

Sustainability has become a hot topic over the past years. With governments and stakeholders ranking sustainability as a high priority in their agendas, companies must extend their sustainable practices through the entire supply chain. As a result, companies, and brands now partner with suppliers that can help them integrate lower road transport emissions. At Emons Cargo, we rely on innovation to help businesses achieve sustainability targets and move towards zero waste. Discover how we’ve been helping companies to create sustainable value in road transport!

Efficient transport leads to CO2 reductions

Now, you must be thinking about how we can reduce CO2 emissions by delivering cargo by road. The key is to create efficient transport beyond optimizing our network and supply chain. Investing a fleet of double-deck trailers, we can move more goods per trip, leading to a significant reduction in the number of kilometres driven. With our 2WIN trailers, we can move up to 54 euro pallets, 40 industrial pallets, or 92 roll cages in one trip. In other words, two 2WIN trailers equal three standard trailers.  Overall, our trailers reduce CO2 emissions by 40%, saving 691kg of CO2 per 1000km.

Efficient transport is crucial if you have high and frequent shipping volumes like FMCG companies often have. By transporting your freight on 2WIN trailers, you can gain up to 63% more volume per trip, resulting in wins not only for your business but also for the environment.

If you want to know more about our trailers, check out if the 2WIN solution is a good fit for your business. 

road emissions
The principle of 2WIN: in ideal load fit, two 2WIN trailers can load equal to three standard trailers

Supply chain and network optimization

We pay close attention to our European freight network to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary trips that are harmful to the environment. And with more than 150 trucks on the road, there’s always room to optimize operations. That’s why our logistics engineers work with automation, delivering valuable insights on data, freight routing, and fleet maintenance. These insights provide us with total visibility in the supply chain, producing accurate projections. Consequently, we reduce the number of kilometres with network optimization thanks to a precise forecast, the best route for your products, cost-efficiency, customized services, and sustainability in mind!

Economical driving and fuel savings

As we mentioned before, we believe in using our resources smartly, bringing us to fuel consumption. Controlling fuel consumption is essential, not only to keep the prices competitive but also to reduce CO2 emissions. That’s when economical driving comes in – it helps us manage combustible usage on every trip, considering the engine’s efficiency, tire conditions, vehicle aerodynamics, and regular maintenance, among other factors. We created a driver academy to help drivers with

In addition to economical driving, we are adding a unique ingredient to our sustainability formula – alternative fuel, which is producing less CO2 than traditional heavy combustibles. It helps us to achieve a further 25% reduction in greenhouse gases released. Furthermore, we are testing to innovate our 2WIN trucks with solar panels that can help us to generate clean energy for the trailers’ electronic equipment: devices, PDA, the electric pallet truck (EPT), and the battery that operates the tail-lift, saving even more natural resources.

While technology and fuel are essential elements of economical driving, we also invest in our drivers’ training to achieve more efficiency and safety on every trip. The training includes good driving practices, such as checking and evaluating braking distances and cruise control, which is important for reducing fuel consumption. Currently, we are expanding our training with e-learning programs and a reward system with self-development opportunities. 

Join the road towards lower emissions

In a nutshell, we believe that sustainability goes beyond reducing CO2 emissions. We invest in technology and innovation to help businesses manage their resources efficiently and move towards zero waste. Want to know more about our sustainability efforts? Download our Sustainability whitepaper

Get on the greener road