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In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the pros and cons of FTL and LTL shipping. This time we would like to point out how shipping goods with less than truckload freight can contribute to cutting transportation costs and reducing the logistics sector’s environmental impact.

The world of logistics is a complex web of interconnected processes, where efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability often take center stage. LTL, or Less than Truckload, shipping is a good strategy to optimize shipments.

Understanding LTL shipments

Less than Truckload shipment is a transportation method that allows shippers to send smaller quantities of goods. LTL is particularly useful when a cargo that doesn’t justify an FTL but still need to transport it efficiently.

Some key characteristics of LTL freight are:

Space optimization: LTL shipping leverages truck’s unused space that would otherwise be returning empty after delivering their primary cargo. By utilizing this space for smaller shipments, LTL shipping minimizes wastage and contributes to a more sustainable approach to transportation.

Shared costs: With LTL shipping, the cost of transportation is shared. This approach makes it a convenient option for businesses that might not have enough goods to fill an entire truck.

Flexible scheduling: LTL shipments are often grouped together based on destination and route. This enables carriers to efficiently plan routes and consolidate shipments, leading to more flexible scheduling options for shippers.

Reduced environmental impact: By optimizing space, LTL shipping reduces the number of trucks on the road. This lowers fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

How LTL Shipping Works

  • Shippers with smaller quantities of goods arrange for the carrier to pick their cargo.
  • The carrier gathers multiple LTL shipments, grouping them based on factors like destination and route.
  • Once grouped, the LTL shipments are loaded onto the trucks, making the most efficient use of space.
  • At the destination, the LTL shipments are carefully unloaded and delivered to their respective recipients.

In short, LTL shipping includes resource optimization, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility.

Of course, we should also take into consideration the other side of the coin, the disadvantages.

Above all, timing. All the operations involved in Less than Truckload freight services are carried out in quite tight time windows. Disruptions are not rare and even one hiccup in the processes can cause significant delays for all deliveries.

Another issue is that the products transported are exposed to different kinds of potential hazards. LTL trucks, in fact, are necessarily open several times at different hubs and various loading and unloading locations.

A (2)Win-Win Opportunity

What if you could make use of a Less than Truckload service for your pallets, benefitting from all LTL advantages and avoiding its main disadvantages? We know, it sounds too good to be true. Nevertheless, this is exactly what Emons Cargo 2WIN is offering. The aim is twofold: facilitating customers and, at the same time, increasing sustainability by reducing empty mileage.

As you might know, empty return trips have long been a challenge for logistics companies. Empty mileage results in wasted resources, fuel consumption, and increased environmental impact. Emons Cargo 2WIN wants to minimize empty mileage and maximize efficiency by providing Less than Truckload shipping on its return trips from theUK to Europe.

Doesn’t it sound like a win-win situation?

The Difference is in the Details

When we speak of LTL freight with Emons Cargo 2WIN, we are not speaking about a standard LTL.

Emons Cargo 2WIN can provide LTL shipments from the UK to Europe to one customer at a time for a minimumof 10 pallets per trip. Even with a low volume of products to ship, you will still benefit from a dedicated and reliable transport service.

You will not be sharing the space on our trucks with other companies. We will load your products and lock the trailer until reaching your delivery location. This ensures secure transportation and lowers the risks of cargo damage. The trip of your goods will not be delayed by any additional stop for loading or unloading at different locations, thus providing timely delivery.

Another advantage is the presence of a tail lift on all our 2WIN trailers. This allows for the operations of loading and unloading to be performed smoothly even in the absence of a proper loading bay. Moreover, as the loading and unloading procedures are carried out by our drivers, you will save your workforce while entrusting your product to highly trained professionals who know how to handle any kind of cargo and can speak enough English to make communication easy.

On top of all this, there is the advantage of working with a company with more than 80 years of experience in the logistics sector. Even more, we have a dedicated Brexit team ready to help you with your T1 document and all customs-related issues.

Anything else? Sure: the price.

Believe it or not, shipping 10 or more pallets from the UK to Europe with Emons Cargo 2WIN will cost you no more than shipping them with a standard LTL service. The difference, of course, is that you will be able to stop worrying about delays, safety and possible damages.

Take your chance 2WIN! Contact us for a quote.