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Luxembourg freight

Luxembourg is a landlocked country in the heart of Europe. Although the country is not the most significant in size on the European map, it holds a strategic position for logistics operations, offering high connectivity through a multimodal approach. Over 60% of the EU’s GDP can be reached within a 700km radius from the country. In other words, you can access a powerful consumer market with short lead times. Besides its prime location, Luxembourg has developed a robust logistics infrastructure that includes Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and digital infrastructure. But these are just some of the advantages of the country for logistics. In this article, we’ll look at what makes Luxembourg freight a logistics hub in the EU.  

Strategic position with short lead times within EU

Hi-tech and electronics, pharmaceuticals, and e-commerce organizations looking to optimize and plan logistics operations can take advantage of Luxembourg’s strategic position. The country is well connected to key European locations through road corridors such as E25 (N-S), E411/15 (N-S) and E44 (E-W). For example, Brussels, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt are only 300 km away. The short lead times positions the country as a gateway to the EU consumer market. 

State-of-the-art digital infrastructure 

Over the years, the country has positioned itself as an intercontinental and multimodal logistics hub for value-added logistics activities, such as 3PL and 4PL. Its logistics infrastructure is robust and includes digital infrastructure to ensure the information flow to locate shipments. 

The development of the banking sector enabled Luxembourg’s economy to benefit from the high-security standards, creating a resilient environment. In addition to 23 high-level security data centres, the country invests in blockchain infrastructure to develop and optimize its services. The investment in blockchain technologies provides trust and accountability while guaranteeing compliance with regulations. 

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

In addition to its digital infrastructure, Luxembourg has Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that allow the integration of the transport and logistics chain. The ITS has many applications such as transport infrastructure optimization, security and safety improvements and sustainable development. On the Luxembourg highway network, the CITA system is used. 

A paperless environment 

The government has established Luxembourg’s positioning as a logistics hub by creating the Single Window for Logistics (SWL). The concept was created to centralize and align transport and regulatory documentation while facilitating logistics operations and international trade. This means that the initiative digitizes administrative procedures, making the formalities paperless. It also provides all the necessary information about the required documents and support for organizations. 

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