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Over the years, Poland has risen to rank among the 25 economic powers in the world. Following the integration with the European Union in 2004, the country has seen significant social-economic growth and investments in infrastructure. Located at the heart of Europe, Poland finds itself at a crossroads in the main European corridors. These are some of the factors that have attracted e-commerce operators, prompting an expansion of the sector. In this article, we’ll dive into 3 reasons why Poland is an asset for e-commerce logistics

Strategic geographical position

Poland is located at the centre of Europe. The country is crossed by the main road corridors North-South and East-West guaranteeing quick access to major European markets, such as GermanyUK, Italy, and France.

The country ranks fifth in Europe in the length of expressways with 4358 km of roads. Along with the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), Poland has many intermodal logistics hubs, which attracted the attention of China in the Silk Road economic belt project. The initiative aims to stimulate connectivity and economic integration between Europe and Asia. The key corridors are: 

  • The Baltic Sea-Adriatic Sea (RFC5 Baltic-Adriatic) freight corridor connects Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, and Italy. 
  • The North Sea-Baltic freight corridor (RFC8 North Sea-Baltic) goes through Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Czechia, and Lithuania. 
  • The Amber freight corridor (RFC11 North Sea-Baltic) runs through South-East Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Belarus. 

Excellent value and an educated workforce 

Besides its strategic location, Poland has a great value for labour costs, which increases its competitiveness. According to Eurostat, the country has a good proposition on the labour according to the European average. Moreover, over 60% of the polish population has upper secondary education and a certain degree of English proficiency level

E-commerce developments 

The combination of infrastructure development, strategic location, and great value for the costs have attracted e-commerce businesses’ attention, which has risen exponentially given the shifting consumer demands. The shifting consumer demands caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have increased online sales, which is expected to grow to nearly 18 billion USD in revenue by 2025 in the country. 

These developments, coupled with the short lead times to key European markets, have positioned Poland as a significant player in the e-commerce sector. Logistics operators have followed the e-commerce requirements by offering custom solutions to support individual customer needs, improving efficiency with automation and technology, and optimizing network routes. The e-commerce logistics sector now tends to specialize further to unlock growth fueled by new technology solutions and warehousing systems.

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