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Reducing your transport costs

‘How can I reduce my transport costs?’ – a frequently asked question by Transport Managers of which shipping freight is a large part of their business. Reducing freight costs has been a top priority, but in practice, companies face increasing charges by transportation. Our alternative 2WIN can help to reduce your costs and while being more sustainable at once. Want to know how? Check it out!

How to reduce your transport costs?

When you choose to outsource your transport as a company, your transport costs are variable. The main advantages are that you are only paying for the capacity you use, it is easier to cope with a peak in your stock, and you can combine lanes in the same area. But how can you keep the costs of your outsourced transport as low as possible?

1. Maximize your shipment

Maximizing your pallet volume and cube fill per shipment will help to reach lower costs per unit. This because fewer trips are needed to transport the same freight. At Emons Cargo 2WIN, we optimized our trailers to load up to 21 more non-stackable euro pallets per trip.

Our trailers can load up to 64% more volume per trip, which makes it possible for your customers to place larger orders and receive those at once.

2. Lower your on-road costs

The on-road costs are all the additional costs on transport. For example, tolls, maut, ferry-, and train costs. Using a conventional trailer these costs are charged for one trailer of 33-euro pallets. With our 2WIN double-deck trailer, you will save on the on-road costs.  These costs are coming from every 54-euro pallets. Instead of paying the costs three times, with the 2WIN trailer you are paying them two times.

3. Less administration

Transporting up to 64% more volume per trip saves transport costs, but also administrative costs. By maximizing your pallets and cube fill per trailer, you benefit from less data entry, admin, and employee efforts. With a maximally filled 2WIN trailer, all the administration costs are paid only twice, instead of three times with a standard trailer.

In the case of Brexit, administrative efforts are an added advantage if you are transporting your goods from the United Kingdom. This is because, since Brexit all loads that are moved in and out of the United Kingdom must be declared at customs. Instead of three times declare your freight at customs, you are declaring just two times.

4. Network analyzing

At last, you can reduce your transport costs to use the empty mileage within the network of Emons Cargo 2WIN. Empty mileages are the lanes that our trailers drive without freight. Making use of these lanes could be a cheaper option. Examples of empty mileages are lanes to Hamburg and Berlin and lanes out of Paris

If you are interested in making use of the empty mileage, feel free to contact us for more information. 

Start changing today!

On top of all of this, besides offering you cost-wise the best solution, we are offering you the chance to improve your carbon footprint. The sustainable solution is because our trailers are innovated to:

  • Loading more volume
    Because our double deck trailer can load more volume, two of our double deck trailers can replace three standard 13,6 trailers. By driving less, we save 389 trucks per 1.000 trips and have 40% less CO2 emissions.
  • LNG Trucks
    We have several trucks driving on LNG fuel. This helps to save up to 20% extra CO2 reduction (comparing to Diesel) and lower noise levels.
  • SolarOnTop
    We make use of renewable energy by installed solar panels on top of several of our 2WIN trailers. The solar panels supply energy to the electrical equipment in the trucks.
  • TreesForAll
    We are building on a forest to further offset our CO2 emissions. It increases with the number of kilometers we drive.

Are you a 2WIN fit?

Are you ready to transport more efficiently and sustainably? Check if your shipments are a 2WIN fit. Your supply chain revolution is just a few steps away. The process is super easy.

  • Check your 2WIN fit
    Let’s check how many 2WIN benefits you can get with your pallet dimensions, product type, and destinations. 
  • Get a quote 
    We take a personal approach to every client and tailor each quotation to ensure you get the best price.
  • Supply chain optimization
    We are in this together. We think along to get you most of the 2WIN formula benefits, e.g., changing pallet sizes. 
  • Test drives
    We ensure you that 2WIN is a good choice for your non-stackable loads by conducting a test drive. 
  • Time 2WIN!
    You are ready 2WIN now and enjoy your cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable transportation service.  
“Drive your business faster” – Alexej Nowototschin

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