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In freight transport, road safety reigns supreme. As companies steer through diverse terrains and conditions, ensuring the safety of their drivers, cargo and other road users becomes an imperative mission.

Emons Cargo has always fully embraced technological advancements and innovative solutions, especially when it comes to safety. In this little blog, we would like to ‘safely’ drive you through the features that contribute to making our trucks and 2WIN trailersas safe as it gets.

Drivers First

Safety begins with the driver. As such, of course, we consider driver training a major asset of road safety. At the same time, it is of the utmost importance that the truck and trailer they drive are equipped with the best tools to help drivers perform their work in complete comfort and safety.

Features like mirror cameras and blind spot mirrors contribute to improving the driver’s view while sensors like the City Turn Assist help alarm road users when they happen to be in the truck blind spot.

Emons Cargo trucks are also equipped with tools our drivers need to always stay alert and responsive on the road. From drowsiness detection to hands-free telephone features and stationary air conditioning and heating systems, drivers can maintain comfort and focus without compromising safety.

Also, tools like GPS-controlled cruise control and emergency brake assist contribute to ensuring a smoother and more efficient journey from start to finish.

Drowsiness Detection

Detection systems for driver drowsiness can employ various hardware components such as cameras and eye-tracking sensors to observe visual indicators. These indicators include the frequency of yawning, blinking eye movement, head motion, and facial expressions which can indicate drowsiness. Additionally, the system analyses driving behaviour, paying attention to erratic steering, pedal usage, and deviations from lanes.

GPS Cruise Control

A cruise control connected to a GPS uses real-time data about locations and surroundings to adjust the speed of a vehicle based on factors such as speed limits and traffic patterns. GPS technology combined with cruise control contributes to optimize fuel efficiency, reducing drivers fatigue, and enhancing safety.

Emergency Brake Assist

A braking assist autonomously slows or halts a vehicle when it detects obstacles. The system uses cameras and sensors and it alerts the driver with audio or video signals before taking action. In some cases, the braking assist will amplify the braking power when the driver applies brakes.

Stability and Control

Driving through diverse terrain and weather conditions requires stability and control, both of which the 2WIN trailer delivers in abundance. With features like anti-lock braking systems (ABS) on both trucking unit and trailer and roll stability support (RSS), drivers can confidently maneuver their cargo, reducing the likelihood of accidents and ensuring safe transport regardless of external factors.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

The ABS installed in trucks and other large vehicles serves to avoid wheel lock-up when braking. This prevents skidding and helps maintain steering control. By enabling the driver to keep control of the vehicle during sudden braking scenarios, ABS effectively shortens stopping distances on both dry and slippery roads.

Roll Stability Support (RSS)

The RSS system monitors trailer wheel speed, lateral acceleration, and suspension pressure at the same time. In case of rollover danger, the system intervenes by autonomously engaging the trailer brakes. This action mitigates the likelihood of rollover and assists in regaining control of the vehicle.

Tire Maintenance Made Easy

Optimal tyre pressure is one of the factors that can influence road safety. That is why both Emons Cargo trucks and 2WIN trailers are equipped with a TirePressure Monitoring System(TPMS).

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The system monitors the air pressure inside each tyre of the vehicle and alerts the driver if the pressure drops below a certain threshold. This helps to improve fuel efficiency, tyre longevity and, of course, safety.

Setting Safety Standards

In a world where road safety is paramount, Emons Cargo trucks and 2WIN trailers exemplify a holistic approach to road safety. By prioritizing the integration of advanced technologies and safety features, our organization sets a commendable safety standard. Emons Cargo 2WIN is not just about maximizing cargo capacity; it’s also about prioritizing safety.