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Transporting freight out of The United Kingdom to Poland is currently witnessing changes on an unprecedented scale and stands at a crossroads. In the last years, a dynamic growth has been observed when importing goods out of the UK to Poland, the current situation seems different. Exported cargo volumes are significantly lower and pricing increased tremendously.

In this blog, we give you more information about developments carriers are facing when moving goods by road to Poland from the United Kingdom.

Why has road freight from the UK to mainland EU changed?

It is the combination of several reasons that have led to the present-day situation. In the early stages of the British COVID-19 restrictions, we have noticed a general business downturn, with work and orders cancelled. According to a wide range of government measures, this decrease slowly reduced to a minimum but still has its disruptive effect on the (future) supply chains.  

On top of this, Brexit caused a dropdown in freight volumes between the United Kingdom and the European Union in general. The increased administrative burden and the fact that companies have built up stocks in the run-up to Brexit are the main cause of this.

Problems with transportation to or from the UK after Brexit? Please read out news release: How to continue your transportation after Brexit.

What was the result of Covid-19 and Brexit on road freight between the UK and Poland?

Evident data generated by Transporeon, show us that on one hand cargo volumes in Q1-2021 were 38% lower than the same period last year. On the other hand, prices on the route between Poland and the United Kingdom were, in some cases, more than 50% higher than in the third quarter of 2020.

According to transport companies, higher shipping costs could be a temporarily Covid effect (additional time and costs for testing, cases of illness, etc.) and a permanent consequence of Brexit. Due to the extra hassle, forwarders refuse more orders out of the United Kingdom. In some cases, they prefer to return from Great Britain with an empty truck. The rejection rate was more than 150% higher last period than the average in the third quarter last year.  

Moreover, central & eastern European carriers have reshaped their business model to cost-wise similar destinations otherwise than the United Kingdom. Frequently mentioned new opportunity areas are Scandinavia and Southern Europe. This could eventually result in a lack of freight capacity from the UK to Poland.

A positive development is that delivery times have improved due to less congestion as a result of fewer cars on the road compared with normal levels.       

How is road freight from the United Kingdom to Poland executed?

Importing goods out of the UK to Poland will typically be done by road freight. Transport can take place with several different kinds of trucks, depending on the type of goods they should carry. The most typical is a tautliner or hard side trailer that can move 33-euro pallets and 26 industrial pallets.

Most likely the transit time for freight from the UK to Poland will depend on the freight method and Brexit processing decided to use. Express service tends to take 2-4 days, whereas road freight can take 3-6 days for straight A-B deliveries. This door-to-door delivery reduces multiple handling of the cargo, reduces the risk of damage, and the most optimal performance for on time in full deliveries (otif).  

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What type of service for transport from the UK to Poland can Emons Cargo 2WIN offer?

Whether you need structural or temporary capacity for transport out of the United Kingdom to Poland, our 2WIN double deck trailers can be the solution. With our own office in Poland, we are in full control of your shipments.

Via Europe’s largest multi customers doubledeck network, we make it possible to reduce your transport cost, move more capacity in fewer trips and immediately contribute to your carbon footprint. For long lanes, as from the United Kingdom to Poland, this makes a real difference.

Are you ready 2WIN?

Are you ready to optimize your loads from the United Kingdom to Poland? By using Emons Cargo 2WIN, you are offered an alternative 2WIN. The double-deck trailer is perfect for non-stackable goods on pallets, roll cages or dollies, with a unit height between 130 and 180 cm and a maximum payload of 21.500KG.

In practice, this means we can move up to 52 / 54 euro-pallets and 39 / 40 industrial pallets per trip. And the best part? Our drivers load and unload the trailer by themselves. Let us deliver your loads from door to door! 

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What about the Brexit when delivering from the United Kingdom to Poland?

Since January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom has left the European Union. This has made imports from the United Kingdom to Poland more difficult than before. All the loads that are imported out of the United Kingdom must be declared at customs. Emons Cargo can guide you on this customs clearance. We arrange all the paperwork and necessary documents. Our specialized team has all the knowledge to help you.

Do you want more information about the Brexit? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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