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Supply chain optimization refers to operating a supply chain at maximum efficiency based on various key performance indicators (KPIs), such as gross margin return on inventory invested. And with supply chain network optimization, it is possible to improve service with predictive data analytics during transportation and logistics planning and in transit.

The network optimization leverages a combination of sophisticated supply chain analytics and extensive data that offer an end-to-end, quantitative snapshot of an organization’s supply chain process.

Supply chain network optimization is a complete and comprehensive review of the various technology, resources, and tools, used to move freight daily. What’s the big ‘why’ of the supply chain network design? It is an incredibly powerful modelling approach that helps deliver a considerable reduction in supply chain costs while improving service levels by better aligning supply chain strategies.

Importance of Supply Chain Optimization

It allows organizations and businesses to grow at an optimum pace while gaining visibility, insight, and direct-sales abilities along the way. The main goal of this solution is achieving customer satisfaction with the lowest cost to the business. And supply chain network optimization efforts also help a company improve its service offerings, lower working capital, and streamline its daily operations.

Through supply chain network optimization, businesses can figure out how and to what extent various variables contribute to the total landed cost for any set of circumstances. This helps simplify the bottom-line calculation that arises from complex and time-consuming supply chain decisions.

Certain solutions usually include:

  • Benchmark analysis
  • Supply chain network and design
  • Demand and supply planning
  • S&OP implementation and support
  • Constraints analysis

Here are some benefits:

  • Better customer service because of better forecasting and enhanced availability
  • Considerable savings in execution, transaction, and labor costs
  • More visibility and efficiency in data-driven decision making
  • Improvement in quality management in the various end-to-end production process
  • Reduction in surplus inventory
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Network Optimization supported by experts

When optimizing the supply chain, it’s not always clear and visible where the issue is. Emons Cargo 2WIN can help optimize the supply chain. The company can help by leveraging analysis and digital modelling tools in order to deliver valuable insights on how to improve customer satisfaction. 

Emons Cargo 2WIN is one of Europe’s largest family-owned freight carriers. The company is headquartered in Milsbeek, The Netherlands, and has a presence in more than ten countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Poland. The company prides itself on its rate of innovation, leveraging the latest technologies and equipment to create a better experience for its drivers and customers while improving its operations.