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Afbeelding voor Sustainability for 3PL and 4PL service providers

Supply chains are well on the path towards drastic change as we feel the impact of climate change more. Dynamic demand patterns need supply chains to be more versatile and rapid demographic developments demand higher levels of agility. Environmental agencies, NGOs, regulatory bodies, and government authorities are pushing organizations to focus on building more resilient and sustainable supply chains. Focal organizations of different supply chains around the world have made sustainability a key priority and are demanding concrete actions from their 3PL and 4PL partners.

3PL service providers help organizations outsource and coordinate certain logistics activities which could be at a regional or international capacity. 3PL’s have the opportunity to invest in more efficient and sustainable strategies to optimize supply chain activities. 4PLs on the other hand, leverage technology to focus on providing more comprehensive solutions that integrate and coordinate supply chain activities and partners. Leveraging technology to improve collaboration and visibility are critical in building sustainable supply chains.

What is holding you back?

Working with LSPs can be challenging especially when you start the conversation on sustainability. 3PL and 4PL service providers are under pressure from their clients to achieve their sustainability goals. Let us look at some of the key challenges.

  1. There may be a lack of clear vision from the leadership which is due to a low level of awareness. Without knowledge of the best practices, access to emerging technology or due to a lack of qualified people, most LSPs feel that sustainability goals hinder their growth strategy.
  2. LSPs are often the last players in the supply chain to incorporate or invest in industry leading technologies. They often lack the technological and operational capabilities to drive superior supply chain orchestration that today’s supply chains need.
  3. Most organizations in the road freight sector are laggards when it comes to innovation and sustainable practices. They simply do not see the ROI, especially with highly competitive market dynamics in play.
  4. Transport companies have more of a receptive mindset rather than a constructive mentality towards sustainability and reducing emissions. Proactivity is only taken when decision makers in the supply chain enforce it or if legislation demands it.
  5. The Covid-19 pandemic has really stretched organizations to look internally to unlock value within their supply chains. Transport companies are stretched, and they fail to see the light in investing time, energy, and resources to become more environmentally sustainable.

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How can Emons Cargo 2WIN help?

Working with a partner who is willing to invest and move forward with your supply chain goals is key.  Our culture of innovation, commitment to sustainability and perseverance to continuously improve, is the backbone of our success. The Emons Group has invested heavily in innovation, technology development, agility projects, and sustainability projects over the past 80 years.

If sustainability is a key priority, we’re a perfect match!

Sustainability has always been a key priority for Emons Cargo 2WIN. We strongly believe that it goes hand in hand with operational excellence. The 2WIN double deck trailer focuses on improving capacity utilization, operational performance and delivers higher cost savings with sustainability as the main focus.

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