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Afbeelding voor Trends and developments and how to deal with them

Which trends to follow? Which developments need action in 2021, which ones do not?

Often at the end of the year, many companies start looking at the latest trends and developments that could impact the business. Within the Emons Group, we regularly follow all different kinds of trends and developments and derive the ones that require action. This year we did this differently and actively engaged with our customers on this subject.

Future program

These last months we organized in-house events at our headquarters where on a management+ level customers met and shared their individual insights and discussed the challenges that the future holds. The purpose of this is to share and learn. These events are part of the three-year future program of the Emons Group, which is called: ‘Making Connections’. This program, announced by Daan Emons (CEO), aims at stimulating interaction between employees, departments, countries, customers, and stakeholders.

The positive impact these customer events brought about, gave us the energy to organise more in 2021 and also expand this concept of high level, high impact and intense contact between us and our customers and between customers themselves.

Proud and connected

For 2021 we will action the general shortage of drivers, through various actions making drivers that operate the Emons business more proud and better connected. We have worries about the road system in Europe causing more delays and higher costs at the same time. We have decided to countermeasure this negative trend by setting up a completely new department. Which focuses on supply chain optimization: the Emons Service Centre. If you would like to know more about our insights on trends and developments, or our in-house events; do not hesitate and give us a call!