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Let’s state the obvious. Truck drivers are the backbone of the transportation industry and, for that matter, of the entire supply chain.

They transport food, medicine, raw materials and manufactured products. Without them, the supply chain would come to a halt causing shortages in stores, hospitals and other critical facilities. Just imagine the effect. Disruptions in every single industrial sector, catastrophes in the global economy, and any other apocalyptic scenario that might come to mind.

Drivers’ professionality

Obviously, a transport company like Emons Cargo 2WIN could not exist without drivers. Emons’ approach, however, has a sharper focus on drivers than the sheer survivor of the company itself justifies. Emons’ philosophy aims at going beyond the stereotypical image of truck drivers as simple workers into that of top-notch professionals.

Drivers are already skilled and competent. It is our belief, however, that these qualities need constant nurturing. Emons Cargo 2WIN is committed to providing its drivers with the necessary tools and knowledge to develop their professional skills.

Drivers’ training and education score quite high on our priority list. Our drivers can count on coaches for theoretical and practical training, as well as on continuous learning programs delivered via an e-learning dedicated platform. The e-learning program counts several courses on various topics including a fuel course, and an English course for drivers.

We want to always provide updated content to constantly improve our drivers’ professionality. The aim is tohelp them to perform their work serenely and with full satisfaction.

Drivers well-being

Professionality, of course, is not the only focal point of Emons’ vision about drivers. Drivers’ well-being is something we consider of the utmost importance. Regulations like the Mobility Package, of course, are already in place to take care of drivers’ well-being. At Emons Cargo 2WIN, we want to do even better.

Ensuring a good work-life balance is crucial to drivers’ health, both physical and mental. That is why our company is committed to offering our truck drivers flexible working schedules. We alsoencourage them to choose the schedule that better suits their needs.

We consider investing in the well-being of our drivers a moral imperative and a smart business decision. It is essential to recognize the unique challenges truck drivers face. Than, we can provide them with resources and support they need to thrive in their profession. At the same time, such an approach addresses the issue of driver shortage and is a good driver retention strategy.

Appreciation & Recognition

As professional satisfaction contributes to drivers’ well-being, so do compensation and benefits, as well as recognition and appreciation of their professionality.

Emons Cargo 2WIN policy is to ensure attractive and on-time salaries and a bonus system, along with a social package. A job like that of a truck driver deserves fair compensation and we are more than happy to offer it.

Of course, compensation and benefits must go hand in hand with recognition and appreciation of drivers’ professionality.

One of the ways we like to show our appreciation for Emons drivers is by listening to them. We believe in the importance of communication and feedback. And we are convinced that the benefits of communicating go both ways.

We encourage our drivers to freely ask for whatever they might need in terms of support from our company. On the other hand, Emons Cargo 2WIN benefits from a better understanding of the challenges drivers face in their work.  This allows us to develop the best solutions to support them.

“The driver is the new CEO”

This is what our CEO Daan Emons said once, adding: “The whole top-down government system, with the drivers doing whatever they are told, has had its days.”

Here at Emons Cargo 2WIN, we truly believe that it is about time truck drivers are given the autonomy, responsibility and professional recognition that are rightfully theirs.