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Have you ever wondered what is the difference between double deck trailers? Let’s say, for example between a standard doubledeck and a 2WIN trailer. Keep on reading, in this little blog, we will try to point out differences and similarities, benefits and drawbacks.

What is a double deck?

What is the first image that comes to mind if I say: ‘double deck?’


Come on, let’s stick with the freight industry!

If you try to imagine a double deck trailer for cargo transportation, you will probably picture in your mind the most common type.

Something like this, right?

This kind of trailer is generally known as a ‘curtain-sided trailer.’ There are different types of these trailers.

We are not going to dive into too many particulars about them. Let’s just say that they can be used as standard trailers or double decks and their height is usually about 4 meters. They generally have in common the curtains used to close their sides and the fact that their second loading deck is not fixed in place.

What is a 2WIN trailer?


This double deck has no curtains, but a hard box and a fixed second loading deck. Emons Cargo 2WIN trailers are 4 meters tall and can load up to 93 m^3.

Does it sound too much? Confront the previous two images; you will notice that the bottom of the 2WIN trailer almost reaches the level of the ground. That is the extra loading space. The additional volume in the 2WIN double deck trailers comes from the area between the wheel arches.


Let’s move on. What are the differences in cost-efficiency for shipping with standard double deck trailers and with 2WIN trailers?

As you probably know, shipping costs depend on many factors, including the distance between loading and delivering locations. In general, however, we can say that a double deck transport solution can offer a better price per pallet than a standard trailer. The reason is quite obvious: a double deck trailer can move more pallets in one go.

For the same reason, other factors like fuel efficiency, road, and administration costs, will also be optimized. This, of course, is true for both standard double deck and 2WIN trailers.

How to choose then? Well, it all depends on the type of goods you need to deliver, the dimension of your pallets, their weight, and their number.

Considering only the number of pallets, a standard double deck is surely advantageous because it can load up to 66 euro pallets. However, there are some limitations to consider. The dimensions of the pallets, as well as their weight, are limited. The maximum pallet height shipped with a standard double deck usually cannot exceed 125 cm or a weight of circa 350 kg. Thus, if you need to ship pallets that are stackable, not too high or too heavy, a standard double deck trailer is a good option.

But, for example, what if you have non-stackable goods higher than 130 cm and heavier than circa 350 kg? In this case, the ideal solution for you would be the 2WIN trailer solution that can load up to 54 euro pallets between 130 and 180 cm high and from small weights up to 400 kg. While ensuring a 40% reduction of CO2 emissions, the 2WIN solution also offers more flexibility in terms of the type and dimension of the cargo.


As we already mentioned, standard double deck trailers usually have curtains on their sides and often also on their roofs. Obviously, these curtains are designed to be durable, and weather resistant. They are easy to open and close, providing convenient access to the cargo.

But what if the access is a bit too easy and convenient? What if you want to ship valuable goods? What if, whatever the cargo, you don’t want to give anyone the chance to reach it?

In this case, a hard box trailer like 2WIN is the optimal solution. A 2WIN trailer, apart from perfectly protecting your goods from weather conditions, does not allow easy access to the cargo within. Once loaded, the trailer is secured with a lock that is only opened when it is time to unload it. Moreover, the tracking system constantly provides location and status updates.

Operations efficiency

Another substantial difference between standard double deck trailers and 2WIN trailers is the way operations of loading and unloading are conducted.

A standard double deck offers two possibilities: from the side of the truck and from the back. Differently, 2WIN trailers can be loaded and unloaded only from the back.

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the two types of operations mostly depend on factors like the kind of cargo, and the available equipment and resources.

Side loading and unloading can be convenient with large and heavy items which are difficult to manoeuvre. However, it requires more space and the presence of tools like forklifts or conveyor belts.

Loading and unloading from the back of the truck, on the other hand, offers more flexibility in terms of types of cargo, as the EPT can be used to move a wide range of items. Moreover, it requires less space to access the back of the truck, making it more suitable also for urban areas.

As for 2WIN trailers in particular, loading and unloading can also be done at ground level thanks to the tail-lift, while the actual operations are performed by the 2WIN driver with our own EPT. This, of course, means cutting costs for your shipments in terms of workforce and equipment.

Sustainable transportation

Transporting more pallets with less truck movement is the ratio behind all double deck freight solutions, be it standard or 2WIN. Both solutions, in fact, with their cargo capacity and in many cases with their aerodynamic optimization, contribute to lowering the environmental impact of the logistics sector.

An extra advantage that 2WIN trailers can claim over many standard double deck trailers is that their hard roof allows for the installation of solar panels. Several Emons Cargo 2WIN trailers are equipped with solar panels providing clean energy for equipment such as the tail-lift, the EPT, and even the air conditioning system in the truck cabin. You might consider this as a small thing. Keep in mind, however, that providing clean energy for the trailer equipment also means improving fuel efficiency. With solar panels, we put an end to the idle running of the engine that was, sometimes, previously necessary. We calculated a reduction of fuel consumption by at least 5% and an extension of our batteries’ service life by up to 25%.

Not huge percentages, perhaps, but when it comes to green transportation and keeping our planet clean, every little carbon footprint improvement counts.

Let’s recap

Standard double deck and 2WIN trailers are fairly similar and different at the same time, offering quite some advantages in terms of cost savings, carbon footprint improvements, and efficiency.

A standard double deck trailer can be a good transport solution if you need to ship large and heavy products easier to load and unload from the side of the truck, or for small pallets not higher than 125 cm.

A 2WIN double deck trailer is much more flexible when it comes to pallet heights. An FTL with a 2WIN trailer can load up to 54 pallets and items of different heights between 130 and 180 cm.

Because of the different distribution of the volumes and the fixed deck, 2WIN trailers are also suitable for slightly heavier pallets. In numbers: 400 kg per pallet for 2WIN vs circa 350 kg per pallet for standard double deck trailers.

Overall, we can safely say that shipping more volumes with fewer truck movements is always a good idea. It is good for cost-efficiency and fuel efficiency, and it is great if you want to contribute to lower the environmental impact of your shipments.

Emons Cargo 2WIN offers a safe, innovative, and highly sustainable freight solution for your FTL shipments.

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