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Our drivers cover millions of kilometres a year. But apart from that, they are part of Emons family business. We know that driver job has a major contribution to the success of our operations.

We have our driver’s bases in several countries, so you have an opportunity to join in many locations and languages.

  • Tolstého 463. 41 503 Teplice, the Czech Republic,
  • Nadrzeczna 1, 42-262 Poczesna, Poland,
  • Rijksweg 4, NL – 6596 AB Milsbeek, The Netherlands,
  • Appendorfer Weg 6a, D-39171 Sülzetal / Osterweddingen, Germany.

Would you like to join our team and go on a tour of Europe with our 2WIN trailers? Contact us today! Driver job at Emons Group primarily means:

  • variety of duties as a driver,
  • timely and correct payment of remuneration,
  • mutual respect,
  • uptodate and modern training techniques and quality equipment
  • support of the driver coaches
  • work in international, friendly environment

We will be happy to discuss other benefits of working for the Emons Group with you in person during the initial interview. Also, you can always ask our drivers met on the way about working in our company.


Minimum requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of the English language,
  • Driving licence C+E

Start your career today! Contact us today with your CV at