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Handling export and import freight flows from Switzerland? What if you could move more volume per trip, lower your freight costs and contribute to a more sustainable industry

When moving palletized freight within Europe via trucks, the Emons Cargo 2WIN solution is a good option. With a large fleet of 2WIN trucks on the road, our presence in Switzerland is strong. Bern, Lugano, Zurich or Lausanne, we’re there to provide the best route for your products. 

2WIN – How it works

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In 3 easy steps, you can find out if you can save on your transport to or from Switzerland. You will get a quick and accurate quote. Simply fill in the form or schedule a call and we will contact you. It is that simple! Keep in mind, executing a test load is free of charge.

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Optimize your road freight

By moving up to 54 euro pallets, 40 industrial pallets or 92 roll containers per trip, 2 of our 2WIN trailers will replace 3 standard conventional trailers. In practice this could lead to significant cost savings and up to:


  • 64% more loading unit movement per trip
  • 39% less truck needed
  • 40% less environmental pollution
  • 100% dedicated operational management team
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2WIN Checklist

Most likely you will gain the optimal benefit when you ship out:


  • Ambient or thermo full truck loads
  • Palletized or roll-containers cargo
  • Units between 130 – 180 cm
  • Lanes with high route costs like maut, tol and CO2-tax
2WIN Formula

80+ years of
experience in endless innovation and operational excellence

By making connections, providing best in class services and adding value in specific niche markets, our family business offers you the opportunity to join the largest European multi-customer double deck freight network from and to Switzerland.   

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Let’s make it work

When facing different loading unit configurations, freight conditions or other non-matching 2WIN arguments, it still could be interesting to make use of our service. Apparently, it’s just not immediately visible. The Emons Service Center can help you analyze your supply chain in order to deliver surprising insights.

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