Double Deck transport

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2WIN Double Deck Transport Concept

Emons Cargo is a transport company with a unique kind of transport equipment capable to handle non stackable goods. This transport is done by means of the so called 2WIN double deck trailer. By using 2WIN instead of normal transport equipment, you will load 63% more cargo and reduce number of transport movement by 33%.

With a 2WIN fleet of almost 150 trailers, Emons Cargo can offer a high quality One-Way service throughout Europe.

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About Emons Cargo B.V.

The 2WIN Double Deck Transport specialist

Emons Cargo B.V. is a privately owned transport company of the Emons Group in Milsbeek – Holland. For more than two decades, Emons Cargo B.V. is the specialist in double deck transport. With a fleet of almost 150 2WIN double deck trailers, Emons Cargo B.V. is the market leader in offering double deck transport solution across Europe. A highly skilled team of employees is focused to deliver a cost effective, safe, secure, reliable and environmentally friendly transport service.

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