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Network optimization

International freight optimization is a key performance area for all supply chain professionals in any industry. It can influence a significant part of your business performance, goals, and results. This essentially means that there is a strong focus on network optimization by developing and implementing freight concepts in which the best route for your products in terms of costs, services, sustainability, and security, is achieved.

Based on the supply chain strategy of your company, we offer our 2WIN concept, operations, data resources, and experience in freight innovation. We use a combination of analyzing and digital modeling tools to discover where your supply chain infrastructure has opportunities to improve profitability and customer satisfaction. We calculate scenarios, deliver insights and fully guide you through a possible implementation.        

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We want to be different, not standard

When facing different unit configurations, loose loading, special freight conditions, or other non-matching 2WIN arguments, it still could be interesting to make use of our network optimization service. Apparently, it’s just not immediately visible. The Emons Service Center can help you analyze your supply chain in order to deliver surprising insights.

What is your value?

By transporting suitable freight flows via a 2WIN trailer you take direct advantage of:

  • More shipment volume per trip, less capacity required
  • Resources of data and digital accelerators
  • A proactive and personal approach to achieving your business goals
  • A reliable operation executed via own equipment
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2WIN Checklist

Most likely you will gain the optimal benefit when you ship out:

  • Full truck loads
  • Pallets, roll cages, or dollies
  • Unit height between 130 – 180 cm
  • Lanes with high route cost like maut, tol, and Co2-tax
2WIN Formula

Over 80 years of experience in endless innovation
and operational excellence

By making connections, providing best-in-class services, and adding value in specific niche markets, our family business offers you the opportunity to join the largest European multi-customer double-deck freight network for international network optimization services.

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“Drive your business to the max” – Stijn van den Bogart

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