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Shipping freight from Germany to the Czech Republic

Do you want to ship non-stackable products from Germany to the Czech Republic saving both money and time? We can do it easily, and we can add the benefit of improving the carbon footprint of your industry!

We can ship 64% more volume than a normal cargo and our 2WIN double deck trailers are the optimal solution for non-stackable goods. Products that need special attention are safe with us. We are very well experienced with the food industry and our drivers are trained to handle any kind of freight. Whether they are high-tech, pharma or fashion industries’ products, we will deliver them in time and in their best shape.

We are at home in Germany! Our network includes Germany’s most important logistic hotspots. Our trailers are always available in the industrial areas of Hannover, Berlin, Hamburg, Ruhr area, Stuttgart and Munich.

2WIN – How it works

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A proven solution

2 trailers 2WIN can ship more than 3 standard trailers. We can help you to significantly improve the carbon footprint of your company loading up to 64% more than a traditional cargo. Load more, travel less and save the planet in the meantime!

Check our 2WIN formula. It’s your chance 2WIN!


more pallets per load

More volume means less administration and on-road costs.


less transport movements

Less transport movement means less time on the road


less CO2 emissions

Less CO2 emissions means less pollution for our planet

2WIN cargo: alternative, innovative, reliable, sustainable

Emons’ pride and joy, the 2WIN double deck, is the result of more than 80 years of experience and continuous efforts to innovate and find alternative and sustainable solutions for the logistic sector. Our fleet counts 150 2WIN trailers and covers an extensive network of logistic hotspots all over Europe and the United Kingdom.

Join Europe’s largest multi-customer double deck freight, be part of Emons’ logistic revolution, it’s your chance 2WIN!

Afbeelding voor Are your goods a 2WIN fit?

Are your goods a 2WIN fit?

  • FTL of non-stackable goods on pallets, roll cages or dollies
  • Units’ height between 130 and 180 cm
  • Maximum payload of 21.500 kg

Not 2WIN fit yet? Maybe we can help!

“Optimize your supply chain today” – Oliwia Orcholska

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