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Brace for impact

The HVG toll on the German Autobahn (MAUT) for road usage by trucks will increase significantly. As of December, it will almost double from € 0,19 per km to € 0,35 per km.

This is unavoidable, but you can still mitigate costs! How?
Make use of Europe’s largest FTL double deck freight network, divide your enroute costs by 54 euro pallets or 40 industrial pallets and start saving!

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Unlock your value

Let’s compare the new MAUT situation of a normal “33 trailer with the 54 pallets double deck solution. Analyzing the figures, the conclusion is that when using the 2WIN solution:

  • The amount of MAUT costs per trip is the same;
  • The saving of MAUT costs per pallet is 39%;
  • The saving on trips is 36%;
  • The saving on Mother Earth is priceless.
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Explore Emons Cargo 2WIN

Palletized goods, frequency loads, maximum height per pallet between 130 & 180cm and payload of maximum 21.500KG per trip? You most likely can save on your freight costs!

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