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One more member of the 2WIN fleet is home!

Another brand-new 2WIN trailer, one of those lately commissioned by Emons Cargo to the manufacturer Burgers Carrosserie, was ready and waited for just the right parade of honor to leave its place of birth and be welcome into its new family at Emons headquarters in Mislbeek.

Celebrations for the event have been dutifully provided with a photoshoot and a video of the truck driving through the pleasant setting of the Amsterdamse Bos, a few kilometers from Burgers Carrosserie’s headquarters in Aalsmeer, North Holland. The trailer was photographed and filmed from every angle under a sparkling sun and a clear blue sky, just like a top model on the catwalk.

Aesthetically, the new 2WIN trailers are not much different from the old ones. The 2WIN logo is there, symbolizing the two loading decks typical of these trailers, and so are the other symbols like arrows for ‘constant innovation’ and the planet and butterflies for ‘sustainability’.

What is most important about these trailers is not their appearance but their great potential for significantly improving the logistic sector. The new trailers, in fact, retain the usual competitive characteristics of all our 2WIN trailers such as 64% more loading capacity, high-level technology, and 40% less CO2emissions while adding a considerable improvement in terms of safety and protection.

Because of the low suspension typical of these kinds of trailers, the lower deck is more vulnerable and exposed to external damages. To solve the issue and ensure extra protection, this part of the trailers has been provided with galvanized steel. A necessary measure that might not be aesthetically ideal but, as it is said, safety comes first.

However, something else quite amazing about these double-deckers is the way they are produced: Burgers Carrosserie’s entire production process is handmade, and nothing is left to machines. Every little particular of the production, from the assemblage of the main parts to the electronic and hydraulic equipment and the final painting, is made by hand. A manufacturing process that truly makes these trailers treasures of technology and craftsmanship.

A special commission was also present at Burgers Carrosserie headquarters to see the trailer and meet the Burgers’ representatives: the CEO of the Emons Group Daan Emons and the Maintenance Manager Marcel van der Werf. The group celebrated the event by agreeing to a few more pictures of themselves with the double-deck and by tasting the delicious cake provided by our host, which displayed both the 2WIN and the Burgers Carrosserie logos on its white chocolate cover.

An interesting visit to the Burgers Carrosserie’s factory ended the day and then there was just time for the greetings before bringing the new 2WIN trailer to the Emons headquarters in Milsbeek.

A special driver was required for the job. Tonnie Stoffelen, accompanied by an exceptional guest: his grandson, a lively nine-year-old boy with a passion for trucks and, needless to say, for his grandad. Tonnie has been one of Emons’ drivers for more than 40 years and he was a pioneer of the 2WIN trailers.

He drove the new double-deck home in Milsbeek, where it joined Emons Cargo’s fleet: 150 pearls of cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship ready to take the road to ship more volumes while contributing to making the logistic sector more sustainable.

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