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Afbeelding voor Best Supplier of 2020

DE-VAU-GE confirms partnership with Emons Cargo with Best Supplier of 2020 Award and renewed contract.

Food manufacturer DE-VAU-GE has extended its transport contract with Emons Cargo for the next three years as of January 2021. The new agreement is a reward for performance in recent years and was confirmed with a “Best Supplier of 2020 Award” in recognition of services rendered.

DE-VAU-GE has been producing food for more than 120 years. She has grown into one of the largest European producers of breakfast cereals, muesli and bars. The company focuses in particular on partnerships with major European retailers for exclusive brands; the so-called “private labels”.

Emons Cargo is known within Europe for its 2WIN double deck transport solution. These trailers can transport up to 64% extra volume per trip and form an important link between DE-VAU-GE’s production locations in Germany and its delivery addresses within the United Kingdom.

Delivery reliability and durability

Jürgen Ridder, Supply Chain Manager (CSCO) of DE-VAU-GE Lüneburg, is satisfied with the renewed contract.

As a partner of major European retailers, it is crucial to work with a logistics service provider that delivers a top performance every day. Emons Cargo has more than demonstrated its added value in achieving our goals in the areas of cost leadership, delivery reliability and sustainability. Moreover, at the time of Covid-19 and the transition period around Brexit, it has proven to be of added value. During this erratic period, they have run a solid operation and managed to maintain our consistently high delivery performance. It is therefore only logical that they have been chosen as “Best Supplier of 2020.

Jürgen Ridder

More information about our trailer? Please read our blog post: 2WIN vs. Standard trailer!

Mature supply chain partner

Daan Emons, CEO of the Emons Group, is pleased with the award won and the new contract.

Our relationship with DE-VAU-GE is absolutely special. Over the years we have grown from a supplier to a mature supply chain partner. We are working together on cost-reducing projects, further digitization of our processes and smart operational optimisations, such as the upcoming introduction of the 2WIN ECO COMBI.

Daan Emons
Visit of Jürgen Ridder in Milsbeek

Appreciation for the drivers

That things are going well between DE-VAU-GE and Emons is evident from a spontaneous gesture by DE-VAU-GE to the 2WIN drivers. “Normally, the vast majority of our drivers go home towards the end of the year to celebrate Christmas with their families. Within the Emons Group, we think that’s very important. However, after the sudden closure of the border between France and the United Kingdom at the end of last year, it turned out too many of them that the Christmas period had to be celebrated on the way. As a thank you for the understanding and commitment, DE-VAU-GE presented a Christmas package and a gift voucher to all drivers involved. A fantastic gesture!” – says Daan Emons.