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Afbeelding voor Brexit Update: UK custom checks are delayed

The logistics and supply chain industries have witnessed an unprecedented disruption in the UK – from Brexit to COVID-19 pandemic, and a driver shortage. 

To avoid compounding problems that could further aggravate the crisis close to the holiday season, the UK government has postponed the introduction of import trade controls for the second time on September 14th. According to Reuters, the government has announced a revised timeline, pushing back most of the checks to January 1st, 2022, effectively starting the processes a year after the EU. 

What does this decision mean? 

Britain has been preparing to introduce paperwork requirements for EU imports of animal origin and high-risk foods beginning on October 1st. However, the implementation delay means that the Export Health Certificates (EHC) and Safety and Security declarations won’t berequired until July 1st, 2022. Given the pandemic’s impact on supply chains, the government had already delayed the sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) controls earlier in April.  

2WIN is ready to help you navigate post-Brexit rules

With so many disruptions happening at once in the supply chain and logistics, navigating the situation can be challenging. 2WIN has a team of Brexit specialists to guide you through compliance and regulations. But that’s not all – our fleet of double-deck trailers moves up to 63% more volume per trip, reducing the cost per pallet and your carbon footprint. 

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