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Afbeelding voor 2WIN & CEVA Logistics Champions League

Last week logistics service provider CEVA Ground & Rail Benelux announced Emons Cargo 2WIN as a supplier entering the CEVA Logistics Champions League for carriers. This nomination is the reward of Emons’ policies regarding performance, availability of drivers and equipment and the organization’s strength to challenge the actual capricious market circumstances.

This strategic alliance between CEVA Ground & Rail Benelux and Emons Cargo 2WIN comes at a crucial time, as the logistics industry faces unprecedented challenges. With their shared commitment to performance and adaptability, both companies are poised to overcome the capricious market circumstances and deliver exceptional solutions to their clients. Emons Cargo 2WIN’s innovative double-deck trailer concept aligns perfectly with CEVA’s focus on efficiency and optimization. By utilizing the increased loading capacity of these trailers, Emons Cargo 2WIN can further enhance their service offerings, providing customers with cost-effective and sustainable transport solutions. The inclusion of Emons Cargo 2WIN in the CEVA Logistics Champions League not only recognizes their past achievements but also opens up new opportunities for growth and collaboration. Together, they are well-equipped to navigate the complex logistics landscape and continue to raise the industry standards for excellence.

This new level of partnership was celebrated with a special moment. On behalf of CEVA, Geert Bergsma received a customized and unique CEVA/EMONS 2WIN double deck trailer model. 

All selected Champions League carriers will be shown at the entrance of the CEVA Logistics office in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

It’s the second CEVA reward for Emons Cargo 2WIN in a short period of time. At its annual Carrier Connection Event beginning of 2021, Emons Cargo 2WIN was announced as QESH Award winner of 2020.

“We are pleased to be a reliable partner of CEVA and to have efforts of our team with such nominations”.

Stijn van den Bogart
CEVA logistics
Geert Bergsma, Carrier Manager by CEVA Logistics, and Stijn van den Bogart, Sales & Marketing Manager by Emons Cargo 2WIN