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Afbeelding voor DHL Green Carrier Certification 2022: the Emons Group is excellent!

About a year ago, we published a little article about DHL Green Carrier Certification. In 2021, this certification accorded the Emons Group the grade ‘Good’.

On that occasion, we wrote: “we are ‘good’ (and we are planning to be even better)!”. Well, we did do better! DHL has just awarded the Emons Group the grade ‘excellent’ in their Green Carrier Certification for 2022.

The survey

As last time, the survey focused on the company’s approach to improving sustainability. The main points of the survey, in fact, concerned the presence of an environmental strategy, technologies, and practices aimed at improving sustainability standards and carbon footprint, as well as the transparency and the company’s willingness to share data for further studies and surveys.

As it appeared, our company and our 2WIN fleet of about 150 trailers are doing an excellent job.

Some of our assets

Among our major assets, there surely are our 2WIN double deck trailers. They clearly answer DHL sustainability standards. With their extra volume capacity, our trailers themselves are responsible for a CO2emissions reduction of up to 40%. Moreover, by using alternative fuels like LNG on some of our trucks, we contribute even further to reducing our CO2 emissions.

CO2 reduction, of course, goes hand in hand with fuel efficiency. In order to consume less fuel, we work with different solutions. One is the use of low rolling resistance tires that can improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by between 5 and 15%. Others are devices like speed limiters and idle cut-off systems which are present on each of our Euro 6 tractor units.

Aerodynamics is also important. Reducing the friction of air on trucks is one of the ways to save energy and fuel, thus contributing to protecting the environment. Emons trucks are equipped with fairings and skirts. According to a research study, these devices can improve fuel economy by up to 15%.

A special tool: drivers’ training

Each and every one of our trucks sport an automated manual transmission system. ‘What’s so special about that?’, you might wonder. Nothing really. In fact, every truck nowadays is equipped with such a device. The difference lies in the way drivers use it.

At Emons, we make continuous efforts to keep our drivers constantly up to date and trained. Their training, apart from teaching them to drive safely and in accordance with regulations, includes careful training in efficient driving. The result, thanks to our drivers’ coaches and the drivers’ own efforts using our e-learning program, is an eco-driving style that contributes to saving fuel, costs, and above all the environment.

Something new

On top of all the eco-friendly characteristics of our company, this year we can boast one more improvement. 37 of our 2WIN trailers have been equipped with solar panels on their roofs (read the article here). These new 2WIN ‘solar powered’ can save up to 5% fuel and 4,5 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Emons green way

We are proud of having achieved such a result this year with DHL’s Green Carrier Certification. Emons road towards green logistics, though challenging, is clear ahead of us and we are more than willing to travel it.

Do you want to travel the green road with us? Then jump aboard because, if this year we have been excellent, in 2023 we are planning to be even better!

Discover how to improve your carbon footprint with Emons Cargo 2WIN!