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As organizations turn to their supply chains to improve operational efficiency and unlock value, we recognize that the industry could provide more opportunities to accelerate the drivers’ professional development with e-learning. For the Emons Group, drivers are a vital part of the logistics sector and key partners in creating a more sustainable supply chain. That’s why we are developing an interactive platform to support our driver training program and offer growth opportunities. The expert driver program will leverage digital tools for learning, feedback, and mentoring, allowing them to learn independently. In this article, we will talk about the program focus and show you how our new driver training initiative will enhance the 2WIN customer experience.

Unlocking driver potential through digitalization

For over a decade we continue our Drivers’ Academy. Here, mostly in a physical setting, from extensive theoretical training to practical lessons, driver coaches have taught and mentored new drivers, sharing their knowledge so they could excel in their jobs. Experienced drivers also receive regular training, where the focus is on specific questions they might have or on topics requested by other departments.

The new initiative expands our educational model to an e-learning platform to enhance the learning process. Leveraging digital tools for learning gives flexibility for drivers to engage in their development. As the training modules can be personalized, all content and materials are focused on the drivers. The program content will focus on different topics, such as eco-driving, positioning our drivers as critical partners in sustainability. Getting input from driver coaches and bringing real-life scenarios to make the modules more tangible will be vital to the success of the program and the drivers’ professional development.

By enabling drivers to develop further, they can make meaningful contributions to their organizations’ goals. Providing systematic guidance through mentoring and digital tools can be the key to propelling their contributions. 

Preview Emons E-learning Driver Application.

Enhancing driver communication and customer experience 

The expert driver program can lead to additional advantages in the 2WIN customer experience. We will be able to reach drivers quicker with customer-specific guidelines and handbooks. A possibility to present the instructions in form of a digital infographic or checklist creates an opportunity for a high level of compliance with customers’ specific on-site instructions and procedures. As we can quickly target our customers’ challenges, the platform increases 2WIN’s operational flexibility and adaptability. Ultimately enhancing our customer experience. 

Ready 2WIN? 

As a market leader, our mission is to move our customers through innovation and digitalization towards zero waste. We invest in our team of highly skilled employees to deliver cost-effective, secure, and reliable FTL transport service. If you’re curious about our 2WIN concept, check out all the features and see how our double-deck trailers compare with a standard one. Get in touch with us – the first test load is free!

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