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Afbeelding voor Electric Truck for Long-Haul Deliveries: Emons Cargo 2WIN’s Test Proves It’s Possible

Emons Cargo 2WIN has made significant progress in the world of sustainable transportation. We have recently conducted a test with an electric truck that marks a significant milestone in the transition to eco-friendly logistics. The test was no small feat. It involved the transportation of a Full Truck Load (FTL), covering an impressive 1000 km distance.

The employment of electric trucks is typically restricted to short-distance deliveries for the simple reason of their limited range. In fact, electric trucks are becoming quite a popular choice for city or regional deliveries. It is what a company like Amazon, for example, chooses for its deliveries in several European cities.

Electric truck use is also increasing in the waste management sector. Mostly because they are quieter and more sustainable than diesel trucks. For example, in the city of Amsterdam electric waste management trucks reduce noise pollution and emissions in the city.

What about long-haul deliveries?

Electric truck range and charging infrastructures are still considered not developed enough to be relied on for long distances. But is it really so? The test conducted by Emons Cargo 2WIN allows for a more optimistic vision!

Electric motor unit with 2WIN double deck trailer at the charging station during long-haul delivery

Long-haul test

The test was a complete success. The electric truck drove a 2WIN double-deck trailer fully loaded (54 euro pallet) from the Netherlands to Germany and back. The entire trip covered in one day a distance of 1,000 km. The truck was a Volvo FH, boasting 490 kW of power and a range of 300 km on a single charge. During the journey there were four planned charging stops, each lasting approximately 40 minutes. This careful planning shows the growing network of charging infrastructure for electric trucks. Also, it highlights the adaptability of logistics companies like Emons in embracing sustainable technologies.

While the trip was an opportunity to test an electric truck on a long-haul delivery, the delivery itself was real. Thus, the test outcome includes the operations of loading and unloading with tail lift and Electric Pallet Truck (EPT).

The success of this test is significant, unequivocally affirming the practicality of electric trucks in long-haul transportation. These trucks offer power and range for long journeys, as well as reliability to deliver goods on time, with careful charge planning. Moreover, they offer the efficiency and sustainability to meet the ever-growing demand for eco-conscious logistics solutions.

Looking ahead to 2024, Emons Cargo 2WIN has ambitious investment plans for expanding its electric truck fleet. A forward-thinking approach that perfectly aligns with Emons’ habit of being at the forefront of sustainability and innovation, and with the global shift toward greener transportation solutions. Emons Cargo 2WIN’s test represents another step toward green logistics and it is a clear indication that electric innovation is not just the future; it is the present.