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Afbeelding voor Emons Cargo 2WIN ‘solar powered’ fleet is expanding

In one of our last blogs, we introduced the 2WIN ‘solar powered’ prototype, a double deck equipped with solar panels on its roof to provide energy for the trailer’s batteries. We are happy to announce that the prototype exceeded our expectations. We decided, therefore, to extend our ‘solar powered’ fleet with 30 more trailers. Our intention is to start building the new systems as soon as possible.

100% Emons

The solar panels on the 2WIN ‘solar powered’ trailers are an Emons system. It is the result of more than one year’s testing and development. Project and systems are 100% Emons.

Emons Technical Service, at Emons headquarters in Milsbeek, the Netherlands, will assemble the solar panels. Supervisor and responsible for the assembly will be our mechanic specialist Gerard Janssen. Design, pre-assembly, and commissioning will be the responsibility of our Research and Development technical consultant Markus Ebben.

The systems can be mounted on any trailer. Therefore, 30 lucky 2WIN ‘simple’ trailers will be upgraded to the even more efficient and sustainable 2WIN ‘solar powered’.

More power

The system is the latest version of the one we used on our first prototype. It is made of 8 panels and has a capacity of 2960wp. Its core is the powerbox, also developed by Emons, which integrates charging, control, and regulation of the voltage.

Like the first version we mount on the TLN2170 prototype, this system provides energy for the two batteries in the trailer. The tail-lift and the EPT (Electric Pallet Truck) batteries are easily charged. Already with the previous version of the system, the trailer was energetically self-sufficient. This latest version is even more efficient. The energy it produces is enough to provide power also for the tractor unit’s battery.


According to research conducted in Sweden, the use of solar panels on trailers can reduce fuel consumption by up to 5,5%. Despite the long duration of daylight in summer, the sun in Sweden is not particularly strong. Not to mention the long winter sunless months. It is reasonable, therefore, to imagine that this percentage will increase in more southern countries.

In the case of the Netherlands, for example, sunshine duration is more stable during the whole year, with a significant peak during summer. We can expect, therefore, a higher efficiency rate in terms of fuel consumption. Also, charging batteries through solar panels will put an end to the idle running of the engine that was, sometimes, previously necessary. Emons’ aim is to reduce diesel consumption by at least 5%.

Among the advantages of using solar panels on trailers, there is the considerable one of extending the batteries’ service life (both those of the trailer and the tractor unit) by up to 25%. This will also contribute to decreasing maintenance costs and reducing environmental impact.

This system will help us reducing CO2 emissions by up to 4,5 tons per year making our 2WIN freight solution more sustainable than ever.

Adding up

In terms of costs and sustainability, our 2WIN trailers already bring a clear improvement in the freight industry. To the benefits of the 2WIN trailer, we can now add those of the 2WIN ‘solar powered’ trailers.

Let’s have a look at some figures:

You do the math!

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