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Afbeelding voor Emons Cargo & DHL’s Green Carrier Certification

We are ‘good’ (and we are planning to be even better)!

The Germany based company DHL has communicated Emons Group’s results in its recently introduced Green Carrier Certification.

The evaluation was based on four points focusing on different aspects of the company’s effort towards a more sustainable and green road freight sector. The presence of an environmental strategy and of programs dedicated to reducing pollutants’ production, measurement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and transparency of data were assessed and resulted in the assignment of the grade ‘good’ for the Emons Group in the year 2021.

How did we deserve our good grade?

Sustainability has always been one of the Emons Group’s main goals. DHL’s sustainability ambitions perfectly fit our own; that is one of the reasons why our partnership with DHL has been a successful one for several years.

The road towards greener logistics, however, is not always easy. The adoption and implementation of environmental strategies are, sometimes, challenging. DHL’s Green Carrier Certification, therefore, is an achievement of which we are very proud and that testifies our efforts. We heartily share DHL’s ambition for zero-emissions logistics, as our various and constantly improved environmental strategies clearly show:

  • Reduction of trailers’ CO2  emissions.

At Emons, we strongly believe that reducing the carbon footprint of the logistic sector will significantly contribute to a better environment. Thanks to our 2WIN formula, we save 691 kg of CO2 per 1000 km. The reason is simple: our double deck 2WIN trailers can transport much more loads than a traditional one-two 2WIN can in fact replace 3 traditional trailers – thus ensuring a reduction of CO2 emissions up to 40%.

  • Alternative fuel.

We use a various range of fuels. The use of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) as an alternative fuel, for example, further contributes to reducing our trailers’ CO2 emissions by another 20%.

  • Limit fuel consumption.

We like to try new things. After a period of rigorous testing, we equipped several of our trailers with boat tails to optimize their aerodynamics, thus saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions by lowering air resistance.

  • Clean energy.

We constantly improve our trailers. By providing several of our 2WIN trailers with solar panels, we can use clean energy for all the electronic equipment in our trucks, therefore, lessening our use of natural resources.

  • Regular vehicles maintenance.

We keep our trailers and trucks always at their best. The efficiency of engines and tyres, as well as the generally good conditions of our trailers, are important factors which contribute to a better use of fuel and to the reduction of our CO2 emissions.

  • Drivers’ training.

The way a truck is driven is also important. Our drivers can rely on several driver coaches for their training in an energy-efficient, safe and cost-saving way of driving. We also believe in continuous learning, that is why we supply our drivers with a newly developed e-learning tool. All this results in less fuel consumption and, consequently, less CO2 emission.

  • Ecofriendly building.

At Emons Cargo, we like to be coherent. As we strive for reducing as much as possible our trailers’ CO2 emissions, so we do with our headquarters in Milsbeek, the Netherlands. The building, immediately recognizable for its large façade of photovoltaic solar cells, is entirely built with sustainable materials and is completely CO2 neutral thanks to the use of geothermal energy and insulating devices such as triple glazing. In addition, the hallway of the building shows a 12-meter high green wall of indoor plants; joy for the environment and to the eye.

  • CO2 emission compensation.  

We never forget to compensate for the CO2 we produce despite our best efforts. With our Trees4all loyalty programme, for example, we are currently growing a wooded area that broadens with each kilometre driven by our trucks.

  • Transparency.  

We want to be clear about what we are doing, and we are proud to show our results. We constantly monitor the data of our customers’ sustainability obtained by using our 2WIN trailers. These observations translate into clear and transparent sustainability reports which help to structure environmental strategies, set goals and achieve results.

What are our plans for the future?

We are planning to reduce even more our CO2 emissions. In the more than 75 years of our existence, at Emons Cargo, we never stopped innovating our business with new solutions and cutting-edge technologies. Among these innovations, we are planning to focus on new alternative fuel possibilities like Hydrogen and Bio-LNG.

In the meantime, we are working on the development of a new type of our 2WIN trailers: the 2WIN ECO-Combi. In a nutshell: the 2WIN ECO-Combi is a double version of our current 2WIN trailers, with a maximum length of 25.25 meters and a capacity that can reach up to 100 E-pallets. The actual dimensions of these new trailers will, of course, also depend on the different countries’ regulations on the maximum length and weight of trucks. However, it is easy to foresee how the 2WIN ECO-Combi solution will greatly contribute to creating a more sustainable logistics and will bring us ever closer toward our, and our partner DHL’s, zero-waste final goal.


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