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Afbeelding voor Food Ingredients Europe fair 2022 – Emons Cargo goes to Paris

Not too far from the main attractions of Paris, the Expo Port de Versailles is the biggest exhibition park in France. This year, from 6 to 8 December, this huge area is the elected location for the Food Ingredients Europe 2022 fair.

The fair hosted more than 1000 food ingredient producers coming from more than 135 countries. Topics like fair trade, human rights respect, equality, and sustainability took center stage in every stand of the Parisian Expo Port de Versailles. However, one thing stood out more clearly than anything else: being sustainable is the main goal of every organization present at the fair.

Achieving high sustainability standards within the food industry and food ingredient production mostly means focusing on agricultural practices like precision farming, soil management, carbon sequestration, and wastewater management, or on technological developments like synthetic biology, alternative protein technology, and packaging innovations.

Supply chains, however, involve much more activities. Raw materials must be purchased and delivered, and final products must be distributed. If the current global food production system accounts for 30% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, the logistic sector contributes a significant 24% of the global CO2 emissions. It seems clear that, in order to reduce the global impact of food production on the environment, it is also necessary to improve the sustainability of its transportation.

Producers, in fact, are not free from preoccupation about the shipment of their goods. Matters like costs, availability, and trustworthiness of transport suppliers go hand in hand with the biggest issue of sustainability. As many of the exhibitors at FI Europe 2022 recognized, putting together all these pieces can be a very complicated and time-consuming puzzle.

Some struggle with different carrier service suppliers, being forced to change from one to another as availability, costs, and temporary capacity change, always in search of a better solution. Others admit to having delegated the challenge of finding a transport solution to their customers. Surely, not having to deal with evaluating freight companies and trying to choose the best one among several, can seem an easy way of saving time and money.

The issue of sustainability, and the necessity of improving the carbon footprint of their companies, however, seems to be felt by many almost like a sort of sword of Damocles over their heads. Producers are pretty much aware not only of their own and the general European sustainability targets but also of the imminent obligation of reporting on the sustainability performance of their organizations. New, and more stringent legislation like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), will soon come into force obliging several companies to take more direct responsibility for their impact on the environment through the entire supply chain.

Scope 3, for example, includes data on greenhouse gas emissions relative to the entire life cycle of a product, from cradle to grave, including transport. Even those who have delegated the problem of transportation to their customers are well aware that they will soon be called to account for the amount of CO2 emitted to ship their goods.

It might be concluded, in short, that there is only one way to be truly and completely sustainable: make the entire supply chain sustainable, from start to finish. That is to say, from production to distribution.

Choosing a freight service partner with high sustainability standards can be a real game changer. It brings about an improvement in your company’s carbon emissions and helps reach your sustainability goals.

As a freight service provider, Emons Cargo 2WIN was at this fair in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, to offer an alternative and sustainable solution to improve the carbon footprint of any company in need of transportation services.

Many companies are already benefiting from our services. Just to mention one example: Ecotone food company. By employing our double deck trailers 2WIN, in 2022, they saved up to 39 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Check their report.

You can do it too!

So, what about a freight solution that improves your carbon footprint and, at the same time, cuts your transport costs? That would be a win-win, would it not?

Emons Cargo 2WINis an alternative and sustainable freight solution. We are a family company. We specialize in FTL international shipments in Europe and the UK with 64% more loading volume capacity and 40% less CO2 emissions. This means 691 kg of CO2 saved per 1000 km. Not bad, don’t you think?

You can do it too! Take the green road with us and prepare to show your company’s improved carbon footprint at next year’s FI Europe fair in Frankfurt.

Check our sustainability page to learn more about Emons Cargo 2WIN and our sustainable freight service.

Time to be different. Time to be green. Time 2WIN.