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Afbeelding voor Ireland and UK: new corridors for Emons Cargo 2WIN expansion

Following an exceptional period of growth, Emons Cargo 2WIN has recently commissioned 20 new double-deck trailers from the manufacturer and specialist Burgers Carrosserie.

The trailers have been built, perfectioned, and given the distinctive 2WIN finishing touch. These brand-new double-deckers have finally reached their new home at Emons’ headquarters in Milsbeek, the Netherlands, and took their place within Emons Cargo’s already considerable 2WIN fleet. Read more about the last arrival.

Despite the several hiccups suffered by the logistic sector in the last couple of years due to the pandemic situation and all the new rules brought about by Brexit, our company felt the need to expand its fleet of eco-friendly trailers to meet customers increasing demands.

Likewise, Emons Cargo’s already extensive network is growing, and new routes and corridors are being developed. An important corridor in our network, for example, is the one including the United Kingdom. From there, we are now expanding especially towards Ireland where we already carry out deliveries for some customers. The superior competitiveness of the 2WIN trailers is especially evident, in fact, on long routes with high enroute costs like the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Our 2WIN trailers

The 2WIN trailers have been devised and developed to make transport more efficient both in capacity and sustainability. These trailers can load up to 60% more volume thanks to their two decks and the use of the extra space between their wheel arches. Such an increased loading capacity means that two 2WIN trailers can ship more than three standard ones. It is our 3=2 principle and it also means that we can save up to 40%of CO2 emissions.

On such a corridor like the Irish one, enroute costs are quite significant. The high efficiency of the 2WIN trailers can really make a difference by lowering administration and customs costs. Moreover, according to our 3=2 principle, we can lower the number of trucks on the road, and therefore, CO2 emissions.

Our corridors

However, any new development requires time to reach its full growth and efficiency. At the moment, we are still dealing with the availability of empty trailers, especially on their way back from Ireland to the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. Empty mileage frustrates our efforts toward sustainable logistics, and that is why we are concentrating and improving our efforts to minimize this waste as much as possible.

For every load, our trailers are ready to carry on shipments within our network with significant costs and CO2 emissions savings, not to mention the additional price reduction that can be obtained using our available empty trailers from Ireland. Emons Cargo 2WIN is one of Europe’s largest family-owned freight carriers with more than 75 years of experience and a presence in more than ten countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

We are looking forward to putting our new 2WIN trailers to good use and to contributing together to make logistics greener.

Check out our concept and corridors to find the right opportunity for your business.